Epstein Enablers Hidden By Well-Paid Lawyers

Extremely well paid lawyers representing the estate of Jeffrey Epstein, most of which is in the Virgin Islands, are “pretty much admitting to Epstein’s guilt,” the territory’s attorney general says. “What they are not admitting to is the guilt of the people involved with the companies associated with him.” Denise George threw a wrench in their plot by freezing all the assets. If the lawyers ever want to get paid, they have to cooperate with the criminal investigation. That means naming names.

Epstein was surrounded by enablers

Jeffrey Epstein had a whole heard of employees running around his pedophile palace on Little St. James Island. People drove the boats ferrying girls as young as 12 over from St. Thomas. Plane and helicopter pilots landed world class celebrities day and night. Not to mention the cleaning staff and gardeners. Then, there’s the construction crew that built his strange “temple” with it’s possible underground warren of tunnels. All these people “probably know more about Epstein’s activities than anyone else,” Ms. George insists. For instance, “an employee told me that he saw Prince Andrew on a balcony out at Little St. James groping girls right out in the open,” she relates. “He said he remembered walking up to him and saying, ‘Good morning, your Highness.'”

Prince Andrew isn’t the only celebrity tied up with Epstein, there’s Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg for one. He couldn’t wait to team up with Epstein to throw some money that George Soros was spreading around, to some of the schools that Epstein was recruiting his sex slaves from. Bill Clinton was such good friends with Epstein, that there was a portrait of Bill wearing one of Hillary’s dresses hanging in Epstein’s New York mansion.

Celebrity names aren’t the most important thing the lawyers are hiding. Employees can also fill in a lot of the details about the full extent of Epstein’s horrid crimes and the part that his criminal partner Ghislaine Maxwell played. Maxwell just happens to be the daughter of an alleged Mossad agent. Authorities can’t wait to talk to Epstein employees about her.

This portrait hung in Epstein’s New York Mansion.

Hidden associates and assets

Ms. George explained to Vanity Fair that legal gags called “nondisclosure agreements” that Epstein required all his associates to sign, “conceal the criminal activity of Epstein and his associates who are still there.” That makes the abuse crimes “impossible to investigate.” The estate attorneys have the power to release them but they’re dragging their feet. “The estate is going to have to cooperate with law enforcement and release these employees so they can feel comfortable to come forward,” George argues. “They have to be allowed to speak up.” She has a powerful way to force the issue.

Last month, Attorney General George executed a masterstroke of strategy. She slapped liens against the property to hold the entire estate hostage. Not every single penny was caught in her net, but most of the pile is. To shake loose any of it, the lawyers first have to show an honest accounting. “If he owns anything else that’s not connected to here, then we will have no jurisdiction. As the investigation continues, we will find that out. But as of now, as far as what is in the estate, it appears that a well-substantial amount is connected to his entities right here in the Virgin Islands.”

Despite all her efforts to get the hand picked lawyers to hand over the information, nobody has seen an official inventory. The lawyers tried to pull a dodge and got caught lying about it. They claimed that Epstein wasn’t “sole owner.” When pressed on the issue they tried to weasel by saying he only owned “9,999 [of] 10,000 shares of various companies.” When it was pointed out how absurd that was of a defense, they grudgingly admitted, “the late Epstein did indeed own 100% of the shares.”

“It was just so blatant,” George exclaimed. “They submitted no receipts or invoices. I mean, who does that? How are we supposed to divide an estate when the people handling it won’t even disclose the assets?”

Every day it looks more and more like Epstein’s tax attorney has “a blatant conflict of interest.” George points out that it’s possible “Kellerhals has a financial interest in the company used by Epstein to purchase Great St. James.” He bought the useless companion island to help prevent his sex-slaves from escaping and cutting down on government observation.

Erika Kellerhals is in charge of the estate. Her Virgin Islands law firm “had dealings with Epstein at least as far back as 2011,” when she handled the paperwork transferring Epstein’s New York townhouse into his control. Not only that, “She was also secretary and treasurer of Epstein’s Gratitude America charity. She served as secretary, treasurer, and trustee of the J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation as well.” That’s according to a 2015 registration statement.

If Epstein’s cronies ever hope to see the estate thawed out, they have to come up with the goods and play fair. She listed “15 commitments the estate must meet before establishing a fund for victims.” For starters, they need to produce “a full accounting of Epstein’s assets.” More importantly, she demands “a waiver of any NDAs signed by Epstein’s former employees.”

George slams the allegations that she’s the one standing in the way of victim compensation. “I want the victims to get what they deserve,” she explains. “But they have to get it independently and impartially.” Right now, the rats are in charge of guarding the cheese. “These people aren’t the ones to do it. These are the very same people who are officers in the entities here that directly facilitated the criminal activity of Epstein.” All they really want is to get their hands on the money. “They’re pushing this fund without even complying with the laws and disclosing honestly how much is in the estate.”

Well-Paid Lawyers

The Attorneys for Epstein’s estate are the only guaranteed winners under the current arrangement. The estate offered to create a fund but in order to get paid you need to agree not to sue anyone for anything which is a totally strange requirement. “It is common practice that if you settle a claim with the other party, then you do not file any claims against that party, which would be the estate,” George notes. “But to expand it to include Jeffrey Epstein’s friends? There are victims who have been raped by other people.” All by itself that looks suspicious. “That alone,” she digs, “that they would put those words in there, tells you where they’re coming from. They’re trying to protect their friends, and it’s not fair to the victims.”

The lawyers counter that they want to see Epstein’s victims “compensated quickly and fairly.” That’s when they get their cut. They seem to have a tad more interest in the outcome than they should. “Under the proposed terms of the fund, the estate itself would select the administrators who would oversee compensation to victims, and pay them huge fees to do so,” Vanity fair writes. “I was outraged,” George says. “The perpetrator doesn’t get to pick who oversees the fund for victims. They’re proposing this trust and picking the people who they want. They’re paying them tons of money, to the point where they are depleting the very estate that they are supposed to be honestly using to be accountable for the crimes that were committed.”

At the recent February 4 hearing, estate attorneys told the court that as planned, the fund would be run by Jordana Harris Feldman and Kenneth Feinberg. Each testified “that they would make close to $2 million for their role in establishing the fund, even though Feinberg’s services would be required for only two months.” On top of that, “they would receive another $400,000 to set up a website and call center, plus an estimated $120,000 to $160,000 a month for office costs.”

They also don’t have anything close to a good explanation for around $13 million that was transferred by “mistake.”

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