Epstein ‘Badger Game’ Exposed, AG Wants Answers

The behavior of Probate lawyers for the estate of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein evades not only reason but accountability. Attorney General Denise George wants to appoint a renowned child abuse expert to serve as one of the Victim Compensation Fund administrators to watch out for the victim’s rights, but the predatory lawyers want to keep her sitting uselessly in the dark.

Epstein estate evades responsibility

Apparently, the lawyers for the estate of Jeffrey Epstein think a strategy that evades oversight will shield them from all responsibility for aiding and abetting a pedophile. The well-paid weasels argue they have the weight of law on their side. The Virgin Islands branch of the Department of Justice recently launched a fresh skirmish over the legal rights of girls as young as 13.

Late last week, the local Attorney General, Denise George submitted an updated status report with the Superior Court. It’s not too much to have an independent expert auditing the settlement process, she insists. The protection is necessary to ensure that the victims get fair treatment from the wealthy Caribbean lawyers with the toothy smiles and shark gray suits. That’s why Ms. George suggested child sexual abuse expert Marci Hamilton serve as a co-administrator of the victim compensation fund. Epstein’s lawyers told her where she could file it.

They want to tie Professor Hamilton up with duct tape and shove her in a closet. Ms. George infers that they want to treat the child abuse examiner like a mushroom, keep her in the dark and feed her fertilizer. “In essence, professor Hamilton would receive two telephone calls a month from the administrator and she would be told whatever the administrator chooses to share,” Ms. George wrote in her brief.

Ken Feinberg and Camille Biros don’t want any outside help.

What are they hiding?

The Attorney General wants to know, “why does the estate not want to allow her to review the files, participate in meetings with victims and provide her thoughts, suggestions and opinions?” Because she might find out that the girls were part of a classic “badger game” to trap unwary world leaders, key business magnates, and bio-chemical scientists.

In normal cases like this, when a settlement is reached, the victim agrees not to sue the party that paid them. Epstein’s lawyers cooked up an agreement that evades all responsibility. They’re insisting that before the girls see a single dime of the $630 million estate, they have to agree not to sue anybody at all for anything.

That means criminals like Ghislaine Maxwell can continue to walk around free as a bird. Not only that, the estate continues to pay Maxwell’s legal bills and also her security and expenses to remain in hiding. Every penny the lawyers pay Maxwell is taken away from the settlement fund.

Estate rejects the expert advisor

Ms. George is furious that not only won’t they accept Professor Hamilton as a co-administrator, they even dared to “limit her role as an advisor.” They don’t want her talking to “any of those claiming that Epstein abused them when they were minors.” One claims abuse “at the age of 13.” The AG was willing to compromise as long as Hamilton could “weigh in on case-by-case considerations of victim’s claims.” Forget it.

“She would not be permitted to share any concerns about the program with individual victims, their counsel, the attorney general or even the Court.” The attorneys named “high powered attorneys Ken Feinberg and Camille Biros” as administrators last month. They are anxious to buy the women’s silence. “They want to hear from the independent administrator, ‘I validate your claim.'” The scheme is to “wave big checks under the noses” of the victims, in exchange for an agreement “not to pursue a further lawsuit.”

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