Democrat Caught on Hot Mic, Then Tries to Walk it Back

Delaware Democrat Senator Tom Carper let his profanity slip during a virtual Senate hearing on Friday in a meeting about emergency funding for the postal service. He had some technical difficulties with his microphone, which got repaired just in time to catch him dropping a nuclear “MIRV” F-bomb cluster. He tried to walk it back but nobody’s buying it.

Democrat caught swearing at his staffer

Democrat Senator Tom Carper was upset when a technical glitch with his videoconferencing setup almost cost him his chance to speak at a hearing. The Senator, like most bigwig professionals doesn’t have the first clue on how to operate the office equipment. His staff has to get it all set up and ready, then walk him in, set him up and make him look like a star. Someone forgot to unmute the microphone and the Senator went spastic over it.

As Matt Shuham posted on Twitter, the embarrassing incident began with Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, cuing Senator Carper for his turn. The response was dead air. “Is Sen. Carper there?” A second or two more silence ensued so Johnson moved on, “Senator Lankford,” he announced.

You can tell that Senator Carper’s speakers were on and he was furious with his staff that he missed his chance because they didn’t properly set up something he couldn’t set up on his own in a lifetime. “F**k, F**k, F**k,” he snarled on a suddenly live camera at his assistant. Oops. It wasn’t just an F-bomb. It was like one of those MIRV nuclear missiles that split off into multiple units. This was a nuclear F-bomb cluster.

We don’t want to be on TV again

Chairman Johnson took the indiscretion in stride, as did Republican Senator James Lankford, acknowledging that his Democrat colleague managed to make it colorfully back on the air. “Senator, I think Sen. Carper is there.” Johnson looked “seemingly amused,” the Hill reports, as he asked, “Sen. Carper can you unmute? We don’t want to be on TV again.” It’s not immediately clear what he was referring to, but it probably involved another hot mic scandal.

The hearing proceeded from there without incident and they went on with the questioning of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. The episode highlights a vulnerability that ordinary people have with modern technology. With quarantine measures in place and virtual meetings becoming the new way of conducting business, unfamiliarity with the gadgetry involved can cause some unwelcome chaos.

Senator Carper went on social media following the hearing to apologize. He blamed it on his passion to protect the mail. He tapped out that “he gets fired up over the Postal Service.” He’s especially mad at the way they unilaterally decided to yank a bunch of sorting equipment out of operation just before a big election where the Democrat strategy involves a huge increase in vote-by-mail balloting.

  1. No it wasn’t because he was upset over the postal system but that he does it all the time when he can’t get busted.

  2. All smoke and Marxist mirrors as the Democrats are distracting you as usual because the count for the so-called “write-in vote” can never be counted by the January deadline so the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi will be appointed the interim president as planned all along.

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