Govt. Declares Most Populated State Officially COVID Free After Widespread Use Of Controversial Drug

The Democrats and their propaganda arm don’t have American safety in mind. There are so many ways this can be seen. Among them is COVID. Before the vaccine started, there were therapeutics that doctors suddenly weren’t allowed to use. Ivermectin is a problem because it does the job. It’s an antiviral and since COVID is a virus, it makes complete sense to use it carefully. It has human uses too.

A section of India is COVID free

Uttar Pradesh has a population of over 230 million people, many of which live close together. The government there handed out almost that many doses of Ivermectin.

It had uses for humans before finding it worked well treating animals too. It won it’s Nobel prize in treating humans first. It’s been around for decades, since 1975 with no known drug interactions.

COVID may be eliminated

The WHO actually has it on its list as being one of the safest, most effective medicines in the world. It saved tons of lives. So why not use it in the United States?

It’s cheap and easy to get. The pharmaceutical industry can’t profit from it. You aren’t seeing headlines screaming about hundreds or thousands of deaths from people using “horse dewormers” in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, it’s the reverse. The area has been declared “COVID free”.

One region with as many people as the US

Is doing very well. The recovery rate is excellent as well, 98.7%. Has the CDC updated their numbers? If they’re reporting the truth, only a fraction of the 600,000 deaths could be attributed to COVID.

For comparison, in Uttar Pradesh, only 5.8% of the population is completely vaccinated. Almost 60% of the American population is vaccinated. COVID positive people in India account for only 01%. Throughout the United States, it’s 7.6%. India’s current active case count is 199. Ours is an astonishing 130,000 since Sept. 30. In just the last week we had 112,000 cases. Money and politics are driving vaccinations. Doctors will lose their licenses for prescribing Ivermectin, a drug that can cure.

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