Mayorkas: Results at the Border Will Take Time

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended how the Biden administration is handling the border crisis during a recent press conference. He’s been in this administration almost since the start and said it would take time. It’s not his fault. The immigration system is broken he says. The secretary has had nearly two years to prepare for this but nothing has been done.

Mayorkas won’t answer

A reporter mentioned they’ve had plenty of time to keep the expected chaos down. Why is it that we’re still expecting it?

Mayorkas responded with, “Well, I have said for months and months that the challenge at the border is and is going to be very difficult. And we have spoken repeatedly about the fact that that difficulty may actually only increase at this time of transition. It is going to take a period of time for our approach to actually gain traction and show results. And I’ve been very clear about that.”

Resources have been put in place

Or so he says. When a reporter asked about knowing when Title 42 was ending, Mayorkas sidestepped the question, only answering that the department had “surged resources of all types over months and months.”

Another reporter asked about illegals being released into the interior should overcrowding happen. This isn’t Title 8, which the administration said it would use.

“I mean, these migrants don’t get an alien registration number that would be used to track them. They don’t get a court date. They’re instead asked to self-report to ICE within 60 days. You said at the beginning that you’ve prepared for this moment for almost two years, so why is part of that plan an honor system?”

Mayorkas says one thing

But his description says it actually is what the reporter spoke about.

“What we do is we use the resources that we have to meet the challenges that we confront. This is a tool that has been used in the past. The vast majority of individuals will indeed be placed in expedited removal and, if they do not qualify, will be removed in a matter of days, if not weeks, from the United States. If those individuals do not honor their commitment to surrender to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer to be able to be placed in enforcement proceedings, they are a subject of our apprehension efforts.”

He just admitted to it being an honor system. Immigrants need to surrender or they’ll have to be tracked down.

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