Violent BLM Leader Arrested

One of the protesters arrested outside the Kenosha courthouse where the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was taking place claims to be the “co-chairman” of BLM in Lake County Illinois. Shaquita Cornelius is charged with disorderly conduct stemming from a scuffle which took place outside the courthouse during jury deliberation. Small groups of protesters supporting both sides assembled during jury deliberation, sparking concerns of jury intimidation.

Local BLM leader arrested at Rittenhouse trial

With a not guilty verdict finally reached on all charges, much of America is watching with interest to see if BLM and Antifa will carry out their threats.

There was speculation that jurors might fear to announce the verdict supported by the law with the threat of mass rioting and burning from left wing groups in Kenosha.

Shaquita Cornelius and others gathered outside the courthouse may have hoped that jurors would be able to hear them and be forced to recall the danger.

Ultimately the confrontations were not particularly violent while deliberations were happening inside. Cornelius was arrested with another leftist protester who attacked a supporter of Rittenhouse.

The mainstream media was certainly hoping to inspire rioting from BLM and Antifa in the event of a not guilty verdict through their wildly inaccurate and misleading reporting on the trial.

So far, at least, there has not been as much action from leftist protesters as much of the country would have expected from such a high profile and divisive case.

Jury reaches verdict in spite of threats

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers activated 500 National Guard troops to be ready for rioting. Had he used them last year Kyle Rittenhouse would never have been placed in this situation.

The fact that one of the only people arrested thus far from BLM claims to be a local leader suggests that the base has not turned out in large numbers so far.

The promise of rioting worked well for Cornelius and her allies before the verdict was reached but now that the time has come to carry out those threats there does not seem to be much enthusiasm for nationwide unrest.

Violent behavior before the acquittal might have accomplished something for BLM and sympathetic Democrats. Now it can do nothing substantial.

While Kyle Rittenhouse himself is still in danger personally and many deranged individuals might like to physically harm him, there is not much else for radical leftists to do at the moment other than  seething and coping.

Police and National Guard resources are in place to act if anything starts to get too unruly. Had they been doing that job last year none of this would be necessary.

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