Top Secret Chinese Documents Leaked [INFO]

Leaked government documents reveal that top Chinese leaders are intimately involved in the efforts to wipe out the Uyghur minority group in the west of the country. China has been widely accused of carrying out a genocide against the Turkic Uyghurs since 2014, with some estimates suggesting that as many as one million people are being held in concentration camps. The documents show that top communist party leaders instigated this genocidal policy.

Ethnic cleansing campaign in progress

The Uyghurs are native to the region of China which they inhabit but their cultural identity as a distinct group within the country has prompted major crackdowns from Beijing.

Uyghurs speak a Turkic language which bears no resemblance to Mandarin Chinese and have a significant amount of Caucasian heritage which shows itself in their physical features.

What ultimately prompted the government assault on the minority group, however, is the fact that the Uyghurs are devout Muslims who have no love for the state atheism imposed by communist Beijing.

Attacks blamed on Uyghur separatists sparked what the rest of the world has interpreted as a concerted effort to completely eliminate the group as a distinct identity within China.

Chinese leaders have publicly denied that their policies are part of a larger plan of ethnic cleansing but the newly leaked documents reveal that these claims are, as expected, lies.

Xi Jinping and other top communist party officials were directly involved, according to the documents, in ordering forced sterilizations, slave labor programs, and “reeducation”/brainwashing operations.

Chinese leaders ordering destruction of Uyghur population

All of these policies are intended to either directly decrease the Uyghur population or force them to assimilate fully into Chinese society and lose their ethnic and religious identity.

These policies are being orchestrated directly by the government in Beijing, which the documents reveal hopes replace the Uyghurs in their homeland with Han Chinese people.

The leaks ought to increase pressure on American companies and public figures who work with China and have thus far refused to concede that the cruelty of Beijing should make them cut ties.

While it has been more or less known for a while now, these documents conclusively show that the United States economy is inextricably linked to a regime which is carrying out a genocidal campaign against an ethnic minority group.

It’s worth remembering that those with the closest ties to China are often those who are most vocal about accusing white Americans of being intolerable racists.

We are evil incarnate for not agreeing to blindly hate Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson. What does that make the people who are currently getting richer by collaborating with a regime which operates concentration camps and forced sterilization campaigns?

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