500 Troops On Standby, inevitable Left Wing DESTRUCTION on Horizon

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin, a Democrat, has called up hundreds of National Guard troops in preparation for a feared not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. As closing arguments take place in the trial, Governor Evers is telling his state to brace itself for riots. Evers, apparently, can see like the rest of us that the prosecution has failed utterly to make a convincing case against Rittenhouse, in spite of their lies and dishonest tactics.

Wisconsin Governor calls out troops

Evers himself is largely to blame for the fact that Rittenhouse is on trial at all. The Democrat governor could have stepped in to restore order to Kenosha.

Instead he applauded BLM and allowed the rioters to tear apart the city, forcing Rittenhouse and other armed citizens to defend their property.

Rittenhouse, having been thrown into this situation, was immediately arrested and charged in the hopes that rioters would be appeased.

With the National Guard troops on standby it seems that the governor does not think that the justice system is corrupt enough to force the jury to convict.

The media has, like it did in the Derek Chauvin trial, strongly encouraged a guilty verdict by threatening jurors with violent riots which could destroy their community if they do not send Kyle to prison for life.

The judge in the case has received death threats and individuals have been attempting to take pictures of the jurors, presumably to blackmail them.

Jury intimidation

In spite of all of this, Evers knows that the prosecution has no valid case. The only thing which can be sure to convict Kyle Rittenhouse now is the threat of violent rioting in Kenosha.

Even the act of calling out troops may be a subtle threat to the jurors. If the National Guard is being made ready to suppress a riot, jurors are being told that riots are inevitable if they choose the wrong verdict.

Justice in America depends on a jury being allowed to make a rational decision based on the evidence and arguments presented in court.

If the jurors are told in high profile cases like this that they will unleash rioting and may even place themselves in danger then the media will be allowed to convict citizens at will.

The mainstream media has actively spread misinformation and fake news about the case. A large portion of the American public has no conception of what its actually happening in the trial.

If Kyle Rittenhouse is found innocent, as he should be, the wealthy corporate media is implicitly telling its audience to loot and burn in Wisconsin and around the country.

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