Ex Disney Childhood Star Turns Full Slut, Releases Video of It

When she was thirteen, Bella Thorne was a Disney child star sensation, now she’s apparently turned into a full-fledged slut. She even released a steamy bikini video to prove it. Considering how many fans she has, her new OnlyFans paid subscription account is expected to pull in a fortune.

Child model turned adult film slut

Actress Bella Thorne grew up in front of a camera, she began her modeling career at the tender age of only six-weeks old. She appeared in over 30 commercials. The first time she appeared in a movie she was 6. In 2010, she hit the big time with a part on HBO’s Big Love followed by Disney stardom in Shake it up. After seeing what happened to other child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, it’s no surprise that Bella Thorne likewise chose to rebel by acting like a slut for attention.

Ms. Thorne insists she’s no longer a child so it’s way past time to put the Disney image away for good. She’s not afraid to put her anatomical attractions on display either, she’s been showing off her body for years. She kind of likes being called a slut because it fits her newfound image as a “radical.” At one point, when someone blackmailed her by threatening to release nude images, she published them herself.

Thorne decided since people want to see her naked she might as well get paid for it. That doesn’t make her a slut, it makes her a business woman. She isn’t under contract to Disney and she’s a freely consenting adult. The great thing about the OnlyFans platform, she notes is that it allows her to “fully control my image.” On top of that, there isn’t any censorship either.

Adult movies for Pornhub

The bikini video Thorne just released is tame compared to her previous releases. She wanted something she could put out on instagram to build the buzz for her new site. The real slut material is over on Pornhub. She directed her own adult movie for them in 2019. Thorne argues that the video is a way “to advocate for herself and other women when it comes to owning their sexuality.”


Thorne’s instagram account is already boasting 25.5 million followers so industry insiders expect her slut pics on the OnlyFans page “to earn Thorne quite a bit of money, especially since her posts on Instagram and Twitter practically go viral on their own.” And those are the ones where she still has her clothes on.

There’s a really good chance that the slut can pull in a cool $1 million every month since each drooling fan will shell out $20 bucks a month for the privilege. With the Kung Flu making the rounds and movie theaters shut down, along with all the other entertainment venues, it makes sense for artists to start producing their own material and marketing it to the masses directly without the middlemen.

  1. Sad day for all women hey me too movement and you attack conservative men when your own DemoEvilcrats show their bodies off then innocent women get hurt. Hope she has lots of fire ???? insurance.

  2. Well, she will be a good example for her daughter(s) to follow, instead of being secretaries they can be sluts or really, using their bodies for money. Her daughter(s) should appreciate her for showing them the way to money. This of course is if she gets to have kids, I mean, there are men who love these low class women and they have money to spend on them but they usually aren’t looking to having kids with these women.

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