All Aboard! Trump Train Pulls In

Wickenburg, Arizona, has turned into a central hub for deplorable Trump supporters lately. The “Trump Train” pulled into town Saturday and local residents couldn’t wait to jump on board.

Wickenburg is on board the Trump Train

Dozens of deplorables were on hand in front of Iconic Lydia’s La Canasta restaurant. “We’re trying to support our president,” one proclaimed. Along with the Trump Train, the “freedom fire truck” recognizing the patriotic contributions of first responders made an appearance.

Lots of American flags are on hand throughout the small western town, where most of the locals can’t wait to tell the world about their love for President Donald Trump and praise for his accomplishments so far. “I think he’s doing a good job. Take a look at the economy before the downturn… it was doing very well,” Harry Oberg asserts.

Oberg is running for a seat on the board of supervisors in neighboring Yavapai county. He also had a few things to say about the death of George Floyd. “It should have never have happened.” Even far-right white folks know that what happened in Minneapolis was way across all the lines. “However,” he continued, “I also feel that the looting is wrong.” Oberg, like most of his neighbors, finds “nothing wrong with peaceful protests. I think people should have an opportunity to get out and let people know how they feel.” Another Trump Train rider “Just come down to not protest.”

Wickenburg is full of ‘Americans’

The “west’s most western town” made headlines recently during the covid-19 lockdowns when they defiantly flipped Arizona’s double-crossing Governor Doug Ducey the bird over his “heavy handed one-size-fits-all” quarantine measures. The Trump Train wasn’t on hand but the patriots were everywhere. “We’re Americans,” One native proclaimed. “We don’t like the government telling us what to do, It’s always been that way.

Wickenburg relies heavily on tourists and the lockdowns took an unnecessarily heavy toll on business, considering that cows outnumber the people thereabouts. The town decided they were “open for business whether the governor likes it or not.”


Deb Thompson was wearing a Trump t-shirt as she illegally served meals to about 8 dine-in customers. “I’m a widow trying to do my best here,” she argues. “I believe our governor needs to get out and stay in the rural areas like we are. He needs to walk these streets and see the devastation it’s caused on these businesses.”

Police showed up with the paperwork that morning “to clear out the first of two downtown restaurants that illegally opened for breakfast in defiance of the Governor’s will.” Nobody left but the cops.

They aren’t ignorant savages and everyone understood the need for precautions but once the data turned out to be wrong and the models flawed, they weren’t waiting for the government to rethink the strategy. Another local merchant relates, they “were willing to ‘bite the bullet’ and comply with dine-in closures when it was only expected to be a short-term situation.” Over a month later the situation had changed but the response didn’t. “Nobody likes a bad virus, nobody likes a bad flu, nobody likes death period. But sometimes that’s life.” It’s no wonder the Trump Train decided to pull into this town.

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