Biden Caves to Republican Demands

Wow. Another admission that Republicans had something right, backing Democrats to the wall.  If the Biden administration wanted this, it probably would have continued. It makes complete sense that people would refuse to go back to work if they’re paid more to stay home. He doesn’t see much evidence but then there’s a lot he can’t or won’t see. Some businesses have had to close down because employers are going begging.

The Biden official

Said their hands are tied. “There is nothing we can do. Taking away their lifeline isn’t going to help anything.”  People still have money coming in, just not as much as the Democrats want them to have.  It’s a weaning process.

The Labor Department has exhausted efforts to continue the extra $300 per week in unemployment benefits in 22 states with Republican governors.  About 3.6 million unemployed individuals will have to go without the extra $21.7 billion that was authorized March 2020  as part of the massive coronavirus relief plan.

Biden, you’ve had your pandemic

We’ve had the one year anniversary of “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Republican governors are saying enough. Governors have been stepping up to get things done.

The relief bill was extended twice and it was broadened to include the self employed, freelancers and independent contractors.  States are now offering bonuses to return to work.

Biden singing a different tune

Curiously, he didn’t think Americans would stay home when people are given substantial payments. That doesn’t make any sense.  If you make more at home, why go to work?

On the other hand, Biden praised Americans for their good sense.  “The people who claim Americans won’t work even if they find a good and fair opportunity underestimate the American people.”

Still receiving benefits

It’s that extra that Biden is caving on.  State benefits commonly last 26 weeks.  People will still receive their unemployment, just not as much.

In response to Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s tweet, the Labor Department will be releasing a letter Friday stating they’re unable to counter the Republican governors’ actions. The pandemic programs are slated to end in September in states that were maintaining them.  Bernie tweeted, “Democrats in Congress secured life-saving unemployment aid to workers so they wouldn’t have to go back to work for starvation wages or without childcare.”  In addition, he asked  Labor Secretary Marty Walsh “to ensure Republican governors do not strip that assistance away.”

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