Every Single One of These Democrats are Going to be Arrested

Enough with the words, it’s time to put teeth or action into effect. If Democrats are going to bolt every time they have a distasteful vote then shut off their paychecks! Put them in cuffs. People who flee their state and job are known to have quit their positions so it makes sense to stop their pay. When they return, the cuffs will be at the border. They can’t stay away forever unless they quit or abdicate their post.

Democrats can play dirty tricks

If the Republican sticks to his or her guns, we can too. If the Democrats DO stay away, replacements for their position will need to be found.

Governor Greg Abbott was on The Ingraham Angle and said, “Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business.” If they want to party, it needs to be done on their own time, not the people’s.

Democrats whining about the minorities

The narrative must be kept up. Among other things they’re protesting, minorities have to have identification to do basic things. If you can’t drive, there’s still a basic state ID that anybody can and needs to have.

This has been done twice on the same bill. The governor should keep their feet to the fire. Democrats can’t permanently block this, at least at this level. It has to be federal. Governor Abbott reminded, “We have special sessions that last 30 days. And the governor calls them, and I will continue calling special session after special session because over time it is going to continue until they step up to vote.”

Democrats maybe looking to Biden

They flew or rode a bus stocked with beer to Washington, DC to thump their chests and ask Biden to save them. Rep. Chris Turner declared, “We are determined to kill this bill.”

Democrats pleaded for Congress to pass federal legislation as soon as possible. They’ll stay in Washington to run out the clock. The For The People Act is the only way they can block this but Republicans filibustered it. So Biden, are you going to take out your pen like Obama did?


Democrats that maybe looking for work soon

Are listed under Texas Democrats.

The Senate includes

Carol Alvarado

Beverly Powell

Borris Miles

Sarah Eckhardt

John Whitmire

Nathan Johnson

Roland Guierrez

Chuy Hinojosa

Judith Zaffirini,

Royce West

Jose Menendez

Eddie Lucio Jr.

and Cesar Blanco.

The House is larger and includes

Joe Deshotel

Ron Reynolds

Ryan Guillen

Abel Herrero

Oscar Longoria

Sergio Munoz Jr.

Alex Dominguez

Eddie Lucio III

Armando Martinez

Terry Canales

Bobby Guerra,

Richard Pena Raymond

Erin Zwiener

Sheryl Cole

Vikki Goodwin

Donna Howard

Gina Hinojosa

Celia Isreal

Eddie Rodriguez

James Talarico

Michelle Beckley

Eddie Morales

Mary Gonzalez

Claudia Ordaz Perez

Lina Ortega

Joe Moody

Tracy King

Ramon Romero

Nicole Collier

Jasmine Crockett

Chris Turner

Ana-Maria Ramos

Rafael Anchia

Jessica Gonzalez

Terry Mesa

Victoria Neave

Carl Sherman

Toni Rose

Yvonna Davis

Rhetta Bowers

John Turner

Julie Johnson

Trey Martinez Fischer

Phillip Cortez

Leo Pacheco

Elizabeth Campos

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

Diego Bernal

Ina Minjarez

Ray Lopez

Alma Allen

Ann Johnson

Jon Rosenthal

John Bucy III

Gene Wu

Jarvis Johnson

Armando Walle

Senfronia Thompson

Harold Dutton Jr.

Ana Hernandez

Mary Ann Perez

Shawn Thierry

Garnet Coleman

Penny Morales Shaw

and Hubert Vo.




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