Obama Opens Up To Continue Pushing His White Hate

Former President Barack Obama told Anderson Cooper, of CNN, that conservative media is “stoking the fear and resentment” of white Americans and furthering the polarization of the country. Obama claimed that white Americans are overly concerned about imagined threats related to demographic change and the ongoing reconstruction of the narrative surrounding race in America.

Obama blames GOP for racial tension

Obama explained that he believes that there are terrible things in American history which continue to influence the country today and are not being acknowledged sufficiently.

In his opinion, Americans are not “reconciled” to their history and are unwilling to mix their pride and patriotism with acknowledgements of what he referred to as “terrible things.”

The problem, according to the former President, is mainly white people and their fears and anxieties about the future of the country.

Obama scoffed repeatedly at the idea that white Americans have any reason to be nervous about their current situation and the future, also mocking the concerns around critical race theory.

Additionally, he claimed that it is the Republican Party, rather than his own Democrats, who are driving the focus on race which dominates current politics.

Generally, Obama seems to believe that racial conflict in America is being driven by the imaginary fears and baseless anxieties of white conservatives.

Leftists mock fears of white Americans

That argument is typical of Obama and other Democrats who, like the current President, attempt to portray themselves as moderates while advancing leftist social agendas.

The claim that white Americans are concerned about future demographic change and that they feel as if their way of life is being threatened and they are being taken advantage of certainly reflects the reality of what many people face.

In 2021, however, it is blatantly absurd for public figures to be making the claim that those white Americans have no valid cause for their anxieties.

White people are relentlessly demonized in the American media and told that they must be punished for the deeds of their ancestors.

Obama may laugh at the fear this creates, but he should ultimately be pleased that white Americans have proven so willing to accept all of this punishment so far.

Leftists like Obama are evidently determined to convince Americans that they have nothing to fear while simultaneously showing off how many causes for fear they have created.

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