Shocking Developments Come to Light

John Ratcliffe has some insight into the latest shocking Durham developments. When he held the post of National Intelligence Director, Ratcliffe proved he really had the intelligence needed to do the job properly. Between him and acting DNI Rick Grenell, they did more to bring Deep State documents to light than any other government officials. It’s rumored at one point that Grenell attacked Adam Schiff’s office filing cabinet with a pry bar to get at documents needing declassified. Ratcliffe can be just as aggressive.

Shocking Durham developments

When former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe got word of some documents filed last week by John Durham’s special investigation team, he was immediately convinced that “more indictments” are on the way.

The latest developments are that “Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid a technology company to ‘infiltrate‘ Trump Tower servers, and later the White House.” That makes the attempt by Nixon plumbers to bug the phones of the DNC look like a third-rate break in.

The purpose, Ratcliffe explains, was to engineer a “narrative” of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. The latest Durham developments indicate his team completed the investigation into “the CIA’s role in the origins of the Russian probe.

Once that file was in the out-box, Durham “turned his attention to the FBI.” A “source” leaked to liberal outlets that “it was unlikely” James Comey or any other high-ranking officials would be charged with crimes. Ratcliffe says the leaking rat is a liar.

It’s the firm opinion of John Ratcliffe the developments will lead to more indictments. Not only that, he would be “surprised” if the “sources were correct” that Comey and his cronies were eligible for Get Out of Jail Free cards as part of their Hillary Clinton fan club privileges. Durham already slapped criminal charges on three Obamagate operatives.

So far, Durham indicted “Russian analyst Igor Danchenko, considered the primary researcher of the Steele dossier,” followed by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who got a mild slap on the wrist for admitting he forged evidence “used to justify a government wiretap of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.” The latest indictment named “former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.” The fallout from that is still dropping down all over D.C., like radioactive snow.

Intelligence he’s seen

Ratcliffe personally had his eyes on “intelligence” which has him convinced that there will be “additional actions taken by John Durham.” Comey is not immune from prosecution.

The former Director had been forced to “walk back” assertions that “the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process had not been abused.” He deserved an acting award for saying that with a straight face. Ratcliffe swears there’s a lot more developments to be revealed.

When I became DNI and saw more intelligence, I became more convinced that there were more incidents like that as it related to the 2016 campaign.” He was one of the few people who really would know for sure.

I sat in a room last July with John Durham and with [then-]Attorney General [Bill] Barr. We looked at intelligence and we all unanimously agreed that there was a problem there with respect to the FBI.” These fresh developments bear that out. “There wasn’t a proper predicate to begin, much less continue a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign.

The latest developments are big, blinking, neon sign letters saying to Ratcliffe that “multiple people” still will be indicted.

Declassified intelligence reveals that “spying community officials within the CIA” forwarded “an investigative referral on Hillary Clinton” for allegedly green-lighting “a plan concerning U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.

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