Republicans Demand Hearing Over Democrat Violence

The highest ranking Republican lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee are demanding that their Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, schedule a hearing to dig deep into the “civil unrest seen in Democrat-run cities.” Nadler is expected to stick his head in the sand, as usual, and ignore it. His own committee has pointed him out as a big part of the problem. He simply refuses to acknowledge that “Antifa, or ‘anti-fascist,’ violence” even exists.

Immediately convene a hearing

There are “two specific actions,” Jim Jordan and his committee colleagues write to Chairman Nadler, “that you can take now to help restore law and order to Democrat-run American cities.” The first is to solve his cranial-anal insertion problem. “Publicly and forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and acknowledge that left-wing violence is neither ‘imaginary’ nor a ‘myth.'” Those are Nadler’s words on the record. The second step required is “immediately convene a hearing of the Judiciary Committee to examine the civil unrest caused by left-wing violent extremists in Democrat-run cities.” For emphasis, the Republicans add, “This is an issue of life and death that the Committee must not ignore.

Jordan’s fellow committee members Ken Buck, Mike Johnson, and Jim Sensenbrenner are just as steamed but Nadler is expected to ignore it. As the New York Post reports, “A spokesman for Nadler did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and it’s unlikely he will accept Jordan’s recommendation.” The last thing Nadler wants is the truth coming out in an investigation hearing. While Nadler insists that Antifa-linked violence in the Black Lives Matter movement “did not exist,” The citizens of Washington, D.C. didn’t see it that way.

In his call for a hearing, the Republicans noted that “In our nation’s capital, left-wing agitators staged a mock execution of the President and then harassed and threatened people leaving the White House.” That’s not normal. “In New York City, a violent criminal brazenly tried to attack a woman on a Saturday morning in a busy Upper East Side subway station.” Liberal Democrats don’t seem to mind. They think it’s totally appropriate as a form of “protest” for “social injustice.” The rest of America calls it anarchy and they want law and order back. Now!

Pull federal funds from lawless cities

President Trump got the Democrats’ attention last week when he “ordered a review to pull federal funds from ‘lawless’ cities that either allow violent protests or defund the police despite rising crime.” The move came after Portland’s liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler caved in to protesters who burned him out of his own home. “Wheeler agreed to move after activists smashed his condo building and set it on fire.” Republicans need to do a lot more than hold a hearing. As “murders and shootings soar in New York,” their progressive city council yanked $1 billion from their police budget.

As the lawmakers wrote in their hearing demand letter, what’s the point of making laws which aren’t enforced? They reminded Nadler that “Violent left-wing extremists are destroying Democrat-run American cities. As parts of these cities literally burn, prominent Democrat leaders look the other way on lawlessness and disorder. Even you, the chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee with a unique platform to denounce left-wing violence, have trivialized it as ‘imaginary’ and a ‘myth,'”

By not denouncing it, the Democrats are proving they agree with anarchy. “The Democrats’ acceptance and tacit encouragement of violence has real consequences. It is beyond time that you forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and convene a Committee hearing to examine the civic unrest plaguing Democrat-run cities.”

  1. A hearing, with Nadler (aka The Slug) running it would be a complete waste of time. It is the marxist dems that are paying for, leading and fomenting these seditionists. The slug belongs behind bars as well as his looters and rioters.

  2. If he doesn’t do his job … fire him , It’s that easy . There’s 100 more people waiting to take his job . Fire them all if they fail to do their jobs to help the delusional democrats win the election . Their dirty and have no right to judge others when their worse then the ones their judging .

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