Violent Extremist Mob Attack Group of Republicans Outside Party Office in Corrupt City

Democrats are scared. Intimidation and violence are common tactics of bullies in order to get their way. They’ll try to keep you from voting. Republicans outside an Ithaca, NY office were attacked by self described socialists. Injuries included dislocating the shoulder of a 60 year old woman. Once the police arrived, they weren’t much help. The police just directed traffic away from the riot!

Republicans need to stand firm

The Tompkins County Republicans put a public message on their Facebook page. “They began pushing, shoving, kicking, punching, stealing peoples signs and flags, taking people’s hats, and attempting to physically intimidate the crowd into surrender. It got to the point where the mob was attacking anyone who still had Trump gear on. We called Ithaca Police Department to let them know what was happening, but they didn’t show up for a half hour and merely directed traffic away from the riot once they did show up.”

A female Trump supporter said, “ I just got trampled, assaulted hit in the ribs by some guy who wanted to steal my flag,”

Republicans need to remember what we’re up against

Scared animals do strange things. So apparently do Democrats. Rep. Tom Reed spoke up against this on Facebook. “We are appalled by reports of physical violence, verbal abuse, and property destruction by extremists in Ithaca this weekend simply because they disagreed with peaceful conservative rallygoers. We must all, regardless of political affiliation, stand together in unison to condemn this extremism and violence in the strongest of terms.”

We aren’t backing down! In fact, the best response is another rally. The Tompkins County GOP announced, “If the mob learns that they can intimidate people into silence, it’s over. At that point, we no longer have freedom of expression in the place where we live. The ONLY way to show them that this doesn’t work is to show them that this will cause us to show up. We hope to see you at the Back The Blue rally on Saturday.”

Republicans, stand united!

Remember to take care of our own. Democrats aren’t afraid to kill their opponents, as evidenced by the “Trump dies” spray painted on their wall. Trump mentioned that so far we’re a nation that changes power without bloodshed. In some cases, Democrats have indeed killed Trump supporters.

That female Trump supporter risked her life to vote for who she believes in. The ANTIFA thugs had taken her shoes, hit her in the ribs, and were dragging her by the legs. Those that are desperate for power will simply try to remove as many of those that vote for Trump as they can.

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