Breaking News: Paradise Turns to Blood Bath, Gunfire ERUPTS

The paradise city of Miami, Florida, became the scene of a bloodbath late Thursday night as gunfire erupted in the neighborhood around Northwest 50th Street and 18th Avenue. One person was killed, three others injured including a baby girl.

Baby struck by gunfire

A neighborhood in Miami, Florida was terrorized by gunfire just before midnight Thursday night. On Friday, authorities were still out beating the bushes for the trigger man but haven’t had much luck.

Four people were shot inside their home. When police arrived they discovered a 21-year-old male victim dead at the scene. Two other adults were treated for wounds resulting from the burst of gunfire at the scene and transported to local Jackson Memorial Hospital, where they are reported to be in stable condition.

Amazingly, an infant child miraculously escaped death when during the hail of gunfire, one of the bullets grazed the child’s skull. The infant was also taken to the hospital.

Sounded like a machine gun

The Miami Police Department relates through a spokesperson that about 11:50 p.m. Thursday “they received a ShotSpotter alert of several rounds fired in the area of Northwest 50th Street and 18th Avenue.” It’s not clear if the gunfire came from a moving car.

According to reports from local witnesses, “These guns sounded like was a machine gun. It just went on and on and on.” The woman who lives in the neighborhood was shocked when she heard that much gunfire. “I looked down and there was a dead body right there at the door.”

Unfortunately, according to the neighbor, gun violence “isn’t uncommon” there. “This is something that goes on in our neighborhood quite a lot.” As part of the investigation, two cars were towed away as evidence because of bullet holes from the seemingly random gunfire. The detectives also brought in some K-9 units to scour the scene for traces of abandoned weapons or any other clue which could lead to identifying the shooter.

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