Former CIA Director Wants Deplorables Killed

We already knew the CIA was corrupt. What Trump didn’t realize was how far reaching the corruption went. You have to watch what you say and who you speak to, possibly for a lifetime. This former director maybe looking for another position. Regardless, nobody should wish death on what you perceive as an enemy. That can come back to haunt you, literally. Over half the nation identities as deplorable.

The CIA is only one

Organization that at the very least needs to be cleaned out, if not completely defunded and disbanded. But this is the swamp we’re talking about. More than one person has mentioned Washington DC is more likely to “suicide” somebody as to let go of their power.

Regardless that the Twitter user General Hayden responded to might not have been on the level (only 15 followers), don’t suggest that people that believe opposite you shouldn’t exist. The CIA is a federal agency. Even former members shouldn’t be threatening members of the general public. Do former members of the CIA have a security detail?

Don’t assume

That Trump supporters and people that choose to not be vaccinated are one and the same. The science has been twisted to the point of where people have called for the unvaccinated to be shipped off to quarantine camps. Does anybody remember that viruses mutate to survive and people have died from the flu too? We can get more ridiculous but let’s not go there.

The CIA is likely complicit in the fake numbers on the CDC website. At least one person ran the numbers back when that was noticed. Actual COVID deaths were only a fraction of what the media is still screaming today. Hospitals were and are being paid more cite deaths due to COVID even if that wasn’t the cause.

Washington DC

Is incestuous. Former CIA members can certainly be looking for a job or promotion in the area. All you need to do is continue to sound like the swamp.

What about the people that caught COVID and lived? You don’t hear a lot of that, do you? The other side of that coin is covered up. You get natural immunity that’s better than any shot designed to protect you and that won in a court case recently. The 1919 epidemic had run its course within roughly two years. The COVID mortality rate is a fraction of that but the media can make it run for much longer.

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