Sickening: Crowd Applauds Obama Thug For Disgusting Thing He Does

The crowd “cheered and clapped when the officer dropped to the ground.” It’s sickening. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sunday night, a police officer was hit in the head with a brick flung by some progressive Obama supporting thug, and knocked unconscious, as yet another BLM riot broke out. The mob was howling for blood.

The crowd was beyond ready to riot

Civil war has come to the Badger State as police battled an outraged battalion of Black Lives Matter into the early hours of the morning and large sections of the city went up in flames. National Guard forces are expected to arrive at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, to keep the crowd controlled as a second night of openly declared urban warfare is expected.

“He just got bricked,” someone in the violent crowd yelled, while others just hurled profanity at police. “Officer down,” the scanner barked. It’s not yet known if the injured officer was assigned to Kenosha police, or on loan “to deal with the riots.” Officers were filmed “rushing over to drag him to safety.” Officials haven’t released details as to his condition but the man was clearly knocked unconscious by the skillfully hurled brick.

Black people are now above the law and every officer is supposed to know that. There is no such thing as a “justified” shooting when the person shot is Black, not these days. Reasonable people are willing to give the cops the benefit of the doubt in this particular case, until the independent investigation unwinds. The crowd wanted to burn down the police station and almost did. It all started with a domestic dispute call.

A fight between two women

A spokesperson for the Kenosha, Wisconsin police department confirms that Sunday evening, at 5:11 p.m., Kenosha Police Officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of 40th Street for a domestic incident. As a result of what happened next, the rioting crowd took out their anger with mob violence for most of the night.

A man later identified as 29-year-old Jacob Blake “was trying to break up a fight between two women.” Cell phone video from across the street shows, “Blake walks from the sidewalk around the front of his SUV to his driver-side door as officers follow him with their guns pointed and shout at him.” Because he’s Black, he felt no need to respond to the commands the officers were giving him. “As Blake opens the door and leans into the SUV, an officer grabs his shirt from behind and opens fire while Blake has his back turned.” He was shot in the back as many as seven times. It’s not yet known how many officers fired. He was flown to Froedtert Hospital, in Milwaukee, listed in “serious” condition. Police haven’t said if he was armed but the crowd was.

Instantly, the footage went viral online. A crowd quickly gathered “at the intersection where he was shot.” As local reports verify, “Tensions quickly rose as more police officers arrived in riot gear, and several police cars were damaged.” That’s when the “video shows one officer being hit with a brick and collapsing.”

The crowd ‘unrest that followed’

Live-streamed video shows “the unrest that followed Sunday night.” A crowd of hundreds congregated and started chanting outside the Kenosha County Public Safety Building after 10 p.m. There, “the rampaging mob set cars on fire, smashed windows and clashed with officers in riot gear.” They smashed police cars and “threw explosive devices at officers” as they headed toward the local police station. “Rocks, bricks and at least one Molotov cocktail were thrown.”

The city “declared a state of emergency and instituted an overnight curfew,” which was ignored. “A public safety alert suggested that 24-hour businesses close ‘due to numerous armed robberies and shots fired calls.'” Police fought back when they “arrived with riot gear and armed with rubber bullets, and eventually sprayed tear gas at the crowd.”

As the battle continued, “Some protesters targeted garbage trucks that had been parked to block traffic, shattering the truck’s windows and setting them ablaze.” That continued until after midnight, when “the crowd moved toward the courthouse, and someone set a fire outside the building.” Police “put out the fire and launched more tear gas” as “another live stream recorded people breaking into a nearby government building and shattering the glass doors and windows from the inside.”

“Just past 1 a.m., police requested that protesters leave the area before firing more tear gas. About 20 minutes later, police formed a riot line and moved people out of the park.” That just moved the mayhem down the road. A little after 2 a.m. someone in the crowd “set fire to a car outside a dealership. By 2:40 a.m., smoke billowed toward the sky as car after car burst into flames. An hour later, the fire continued to spread, threatening to burn a church behind the dealership.” It’s sign melted but the historic Bradford Community Church “built in 1907, appeared to avoid any significant damage as a result of the blaze.”

  1. enough with this riot activity! Police should stop trying to be nice and treat these crowds like the animals they are! Beat these marxist animals to bloody heaps and leave them in the street! You don’t obey the curfew, you get slammed and jailed, no questions asked, you were warned! No more rubber bullets, the animals throw bricks and other projectiles, return fire with hot lead. When will the (leaders) of these cities and states finally admit that we are in the throes of a revolution fomented by the Left, and the only solution is to deal with it as harshly as possible!

  2. Just start shooting them. There is no reason our officers should have to endure this kind of abuse. Just put and end to it by an order to shoot to kill in order to protect our officers lives.

  3. The mayors of these places have failed to back the police, they have emboldened these looters and rioters because they don’t do anything to them for destroying businesses and setting fires. Even when they arrest them they release them no bail etc., they need to be treated like the criminals they are, if they don’t start dealing with them this is going to go on for a lot longer.

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