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Biden’s SELFISH Make Believe Inauguration Party Plans

Joe Biden is planning a lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to honor those killed by the coronavirus the day before he is sworn into office on Jan. 20. Biden and Harris plan to have a scaled down inauguration due to COVID-19, but really it’s probably because nobody would care to show up.

Biden planning his inauguration despite voter fraud claims

The Presidential Inaugural Committee said Thursday that it would hold the event the evening of Jan. 19, calling it the “first-ever lighting around the Reflecting Pool to memorialize American lives lost.” It is also inviting communities around the country to join Washington in lighting up buildings and ringing church bells at 5:30 p.m. in “a national moment of unity and remembrance.”

“In the midst of a pandemic — when so many Americans are grieving the loss of family, friends, and neighbors — it is important that we honor those who have died, reflect on what has been one of the more challenging periods in the nation’s history, and renew our commitment to coming together to end the pandemic and rebuild our nation,” inauguration committee spokesman Pili Tobar said in a statement.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to take their oaths of office outside the U.S. Capitol building, part of inauguration events that aim to capture the traditional grandeur of the historic ceremony while complying with COVID-19 protocols.

COVID-19 lockdowns continue in 2021

The inauguration committee already announced this week that there would be no traditional inaugural luncheon at the Capitol because of the virus, another political tradition suspended because of the pandemic.

“The ceremony’s footprint will be extremely limited, and the parade that follows will be reimagined,” the Presidential Inaugural Committee said in a statement on Tuesday.

Unreal. The Biden team knows that their turnout will be abysmal, further shining the spotlight on the blatant voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Instead of packing the national mall, the Presidential Inaugural Committee is urging the public not to travel to Washington, D.C. for the event, but to instead participate from home.

The committee says Biden’s inaugural address will lay out his vision to beat the virus, build back better, and bring the country together. “Our goal is to create an inauguration that keeps people safe, honors the grand traditions of the Presidency, and showcases the Biden-Harris Administration’s renewed American vision for an inclusive, equitable, and unified citizenry,” PIC CEO Tony Allen said in a statement.

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