New Partnership Aims To Radically Realign US

A truly revolting partnership from hell was recently forged that threatens to “radically realign” U.S. national security politics. Infamous dark lord Darth Soros managed to bring libertarian billionaire Charles Koch over to the dark side of The New World Order. They are piling their money together to start a globalist think tank called The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

A revolting partnership

George Soros has always been the public face of the New World Order but Charles Koch only recently converted to globalism. They make no attempt to hide their revolutionary plot to realign the politics of U.S. national security. At a Capitol Hill press conference they held at the end of February, the institute presented their “transpartisan” partnership, stating their revolutionary ultimate goals are to “drop democracy promotion, humanitarian intervention and stop the U.S. from fighting ‘endless wars.'” They opened their doors in December, 2019 to promote what they call “strategic restraint.” Basically, that means tying the hands of Nationalist political leaders, to keep them from resisting global domination.

The evil duo are well aware that elite think tanks “can radically shift American foreign policy, particularly during periods of crisis.” Funny how George Soros seemed to know ahead of time that we would be having a doozy of a crisis right about now. They know exactly how to get the most for their money. Soros and Koch expect their joint partnership to “incubate big ideas and build elite networks that connect knowledge to political power.” That way, they can “help shape a supportive public climate of opinion.”


Because we don’t have a dedicated civil service like the British do, “Think tanks train future secretaries of state, assistant and deputy secretaries and the broader national security bureaucracy. They provide a perch for out-of-office appointees, a remarkable revolving door between knowledge and elite power.” This is the perfect opportunity to indoctrinate them into new world order philosophies. Soros recently wrote a billion dollar check to get his Open Societies University Network off the ground. According to news analysts at The Wire, “That such forces have now combined to found a new think tank indicates the depth of the crisis of American power. It’s a crisis driven by repeated foreign policy failures, a more challenging global environment of competitors and rivals and the rise of anti-war sentiment in American public opinion.”

  1. When either of these two devils do anything, rest assured that they aren’t doing it “for the people” but when they do something together watch your ass. Trump has slowed their push for a One World Government (socialist, of course) and they are pooling their assets to get what they desire-Soros wants open borders and Koch wants an unlimited supply of labor willing to work for $5/hour. The open borders will dilute the American culture, setting it up for a socialist takeover (gives Soros what he wants-he gets to be king of the world) and at the same time it brings in millions of low skilled workers (which fulfills Koch’s wet dreams). Both of these devils get exactly what they dream of-the American people, not so much!

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