Biden 2024 Decision LEAKED

To the cameras, Joe Biden is saying that he has not yet made his decision.

Behind the scenes, rumors are flying that the decision has been made.

Biden has reportedly been holding meetings with key advisers to make his plans to move forward with a 2024 announcement.

The Rematch

Make no mistake about it, with all the accusations that flew around in 2024, Joe Biden’s hubris is hoping that he can get a rematch with Trump again in 2024.

It would also be a fairly safe assumption that Biden’s best chance to win would be to face off against Trump.

There will be more than a handful of anti-Trump Republicans working against Trump in the general election.

There are also still plenty of people out there that will never vote for Donald Trump.

This time around, however, I think the difference would be that a lot of the people that voted for Biden over Trump would probably stay home this time around.

Regardless, it would be a close election and could go either way, so why not run if you are Joe.

To that point, he has been meeting with senior White House advisers Anita Dunn, Mike Donilon, Jen O’Malley Dillon, White House chief of staff Ron Klain, and first lady Jill Biden to gameplan for 2024.

Like Trump, Biden will want to hold off as long as possible before announcing because of FEC regulations that kick in once you officially declare.

This could wind up being a nightmare race for both parties, each having a candidate they really do not want to run again.

I can say pretty confidently that the DNC does not want Biden to go.

And while the RNC has remained supportive, Donald Trump running in 2024 could be a nightmare scenario, especially if Trump’s legal problems come to fruition late in the race.

Source: Fox News

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