Turning Back the Clock and Digging Up Dead People to Somehow Prove Their Agenda

Leftists in Tulsa are again digging up corpses as part of their effort to find a factual foundation for their largely invented narrative about a supposed massacre which took place in the city a century ago. The exhumed remains are a victory for those who have been desperately searching for rumored mass graves for years without any luck. The remains uncovered are, in all likelihood, victims of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

Conspiracy theory prompts exhumations

The alleged mass graves located in Tulsa have been something of a holy grail for leftists in their efforts to prove that their outlandish tales of white devilry have some basis in reality.

The truth of the 1921 events in Tulsa have long since been rejected in favor of wild stories of massacre and an elaborate cover-up operation.

The “Tulsa Race Massacre” has become a beloved piece of the anti-American leftist narrative with the approach of the hundredth anniversary and the discovery of mass graves would be seen as an enormous triumph in that narrative.

Unfortunately for them, the search for the elusive mass graves has been ongoing for years now without any luck at all until now.

According to the ones digging these people up, the evidence for their being massacre victims is almost exclusively the fact that their coffins date to the right time period.

In fact, the remains almost certainly date to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic which killed millions worldwide and is a proven fact, unlike the tall tales which form the basis of the Tulsa narrative.

Digging people up to prove a point

The conversion of a largely forgotten early 20th century race riot in Oklahoma into a national indictment of evil white supremacist America has been a real triumph for left wing propaganda.

In spite of the almost complete absence of facts to back up any of the major pieces of the Tulsa narrative, hardly any attempts have been made to publicly challenge it.

This flimsiest of stories is known to be based almost exclusively on “oral histories,” the same oral histories which have repeatedly pointed to locations for the supposed mass graves which have turned up nothing.

Oral traditions and second hand accounts ought to be treated with healthy skepticism by responsible historians until any primary material is located to substantiate them.

In the Tulsa narrative, rumor and hearsay confidently repeated by the media seem to have become unquestionable facts. The average American will not spend any time investigating the reality of what CNN and Joe Biden say happened in 1921.

After a few months, the remains dug up in Tulsa will probably be quietly identified as Spanish Flu victims and quietly reinterred. The narrative will limp on anyway, the damage having already been done.

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