Video: ‘Kill Everything White in Sight’ Shocking Footage Emerges From Black Power Convention

Hundreds of black racial extremists gathered in Tulsa over the Memorial Day weekend to call for the murder of white people. The crowd of hundreds was gathered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the infamous Tulsa Race Riots. The black supremacist gathering called for the killing of “everything white in sight” as revenge for slavery. Accusing white people of killing 600 million blacks, one speaker declared that the group is pushing for “an eye for an eye.”

Media stirs racial hatred in Oklahoma

The mainstream media has devoted an enormous amount of attention to what they are now describing as the “Tulsa Race Massacre” in preparation for the anniversary of the event this year.

After a lengthy period of relative obscurity, the event has recently become central to leftist narratives which aim to find proof of the still violent and supremacist nature of American whites. The change in terminology from “race riot” to “race massacre” is key to the propaganda campaign.

Unfortunately for leftists (though they aren’t letting it stop them), evidence for the kind of things which the New Black Panther Party and others claim happened a century ago is almost nonexistent.

Repeated searches for mass graves which are supposed to hold hundreds of victims have failed to locate anything, in spite of adamant searches from leftists hoping to find proof in time for the anniversary.

Beyond the missing mass graves, outlandish claims spread by the media have reported that Tulsa was subjected to aerial bombing raids from whites which destroyed much of the city.

The media narrative surrounding the events in Tulsa has been almost entirely constructed from dubious  “oral histories” which are intended to be as lurid and provocative as possible, regardless of real evidence.

“Eye for an eye” for white Americans

The presence of hundreds of black separatists calling for the murder of whites as revenge shows how effective the media has been in selling the “race massacre” story to America.

Unfortunately, given the current climate, it seems unlikely that much skeptical treatment of the matter will be allowed; the tone of the narratives have worked to imply that Tulsa was something like an American Holocaust.

The marchers in Tulsa calling for the killing of “everything white in sight” have been fed and indulged with the sensationalized tales of mass graves and carpet bombings which are not backed by any shred of evidence.

Demonstrators echoed demands which have appeared in the media for reparations to be given, again based on a series of vague oral histories which attempt to implicate all of white America.

The unfortunate event which took place in Tulsa a century ago was a riot in which both blacks and whites were killed; tragic but not extraordinary in the tense  climate of the time. For decades this was the accepted story.

The cries of “kill everything white in sight” are the result of a media narrative which has, without any factual evidence, created a tale of massacre which has been accepted without question in an attempt to spread racial hatred in America.

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