BLM Proves They Won’t Ever Be Happy Until Black Lives Rule White Lives

If you thought that BLM would be satisfied after getting their desired rigged outcome in the Derek Chauvin trial then you were wrong and also quite possibly delusional. BLM supporters across the country are doubling down and demanding more attacks on white Americans. Protesters in Minneapolis immediately declared that they will never be satisfied or appeased, even with the state and justice system completely on their side. It’s not about black lives for BLM, it’s about destroying white lives.

The mob is just getting started

Immediately after the verdict was read BLM protesters were in the streets celebrating the results and expressing their future plans.

“We will abolish the police” they shouted. “Attack from every angle” was the cry of one. “We’re never gonna be satisfied” said another. The mob was exuberant in expressing their feelings of invincibility.

The anti-police crusade is only one arm of the BLM campaign, which demands the end of the “entire system,” ironically enough that system appears to be exclusively concerned with giving them everything they want at the moment.

Every branch of government, the media, and an overwhelming majority of corporations and banks wholeheartedly supports BLM and their every move. What remains for the poor oppressed BLM protester to conquer then?

White America is apparently the answer. This is nothing new to white people in America, who have grown used to being blamed for everything and anything by their government and media.

Obviously hatred for whites has always been at the center of the BLM agenda. There’s no longer any need to even try to pretend that this is all about justice or equality.

BLM says “you’re next”

The fun part of this all is considering the implication of the Chauvin trial for the rest of America. What BLM is celebrating is the fact that they now know that they are allowed to blatantly control the legal process if they threaten the right people.

Self defense or protection of property will mean nothing to jurors who face an angry mob outside. With BLM rioters constantly threatening to shift their attention to white neighborhoods it’s easy to foresee thousands of Americans being forced to defend themselves and then being punished for it by the state.

Derek Chauvin isn’t merely being punished for the death of George Floyd or even for being a police officer. Chauvin is being punished for being white, as BLM and their friends are happy to explain.

Repeatedly Americans have been told that with President Trump out of office or with Chauvin convicted the riots and looting would cease. Did anyone believe it? If so, they should listen to what BLM is saying for once; this will never end, no matter how many times they are appeased.

BLM and friends have been given or promised everything they want. America is at their mercy, why would they quit now?

The plans have been announced, BLM is coming for you. Your property and your rights are in the crosshairs now. There is no appeasing this mob and they want you to know it.

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