Supreme Court Rejects Ridiculous Flat Earther Lawsuit

This is goofy all around. It’s good that the lawsuit is being thrown out but you know COVID rules and restrictions are going to be challenged regardless of where you live. Mak Parhar even bragged about breaking quarantine. Canada is more restrictive than the United States. Maybe he sees himself as a trail blazer and encouraging others to do the same since COVID has been political since maybe two months in.

Your lawsuit isn’t going to be given the time of day

Parhar is a member of the Flat Earth conspiracy community that may indeed just be trying to put a spot light in a particular place, like on himself. He was jailed and fined $750.

The British Columbia court is not the place to fight COVID, although it’s a good place just to be seen in the news. Even bad attention is better than no attention.

Parhar’s lawsuit

The BC Supreme Court judge Murray Blok used a number of words to describe the lawsuit. “Frivolous and vexatious”, “embarrassing or scandalous”, “an abuse of process” with no assertions of fact.

Parhar was arrested in November 2020 after visiting the United States for a Flat Earth conference and refusing to quarantine upon arriving home.

Frivolous lawsuits

Are often used now to just clog up courts and delay things. Governments love to delay. Parhar didn’t do himself any favors when he claimed government officials trespassed, claiming he didn’t need to obey any law. He also said he’d try the defendants in the “Parhar Court”.

Parhar based him claims on an “OPCA” or organized pseudolegal commercial argument in which the laws don’t apply to him. Blok noted, “I am not without sympathy for the plaintiff. He spent four days in jail, evidently the result of alleged breaches of the Quarantine Act, and it appears this occurred because someone convinced him, or he convinced himself, that statute law does not apply to him. It was a hard way to learn that laws do not work on an ‘opt-in’ basis.”

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