Hundreds of Communist Sh*t-heads March Through City Burning Flags

Around 200 hard-core communist sh*t-heads took to the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina on Election night Tuesday, chanting “Whoever wins we lose” and burning American flags. Police actually arrested six of them.

Communist Democrats battle for Raleigh

Right now, North Carolina is leaning heavily red, with the vote suspended at 94% reporting and President Donald Trump in the lead with 50.1% compared to Biden’s 48.7%. In a normal year, the state would have already been assigned as a win in the Trump column, but nothing about this year’s election is normal.

The radical communist factions who have hijacked the Democrat party don’t care about the results of the election. They had things all planned out ahead of time, “Hit the polls and hit the streets.”

Chanting radical communist slogans like “Whoever wins we lose” and burning small, conveniently provided, American flags, they also started shooting fireworks and throwing things at police. The cops weren’t happy about having to defend themselves.

Right around 10 p.m., police were forced to declare the communist assembly “unlawful” then they had to chase the anarchists off the streets. Six rioters were offensive enough to actually get arrested but they’ll probably be back on the street for tonight’s riot.

Charges ranged from Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Failure to Disperse, Disorderly Conduct, along with resisting, delaying or obstructing justice.

Mayor avoiding decisions

Mary-Ann Baldwin, the mayor of Raleigh, hesitates to put the city on precautionary lockdown. Probably because she knows that the communist rioters are going to ignore the order. Laws are a thing of the past, and also because she knows that her officers will be vastly outnumbered on the streets.

She could ask the governor to call in the National Guard for help but won’t do that because she actually agrees with the rioters. She told reporters Wednesday that “no decision has been made on whether the city will be under a curfew in the following days.”

Both police and local merchants spent days preparing for the riots and communist inspired civil unrest expected to accompany this year’s election. The cops positioned fences and barricades around the State Capitol building. Several businesses in downtown Raleigh started boarding up last week.

“It’s sad we got to the point we had to close up stores,” said shopper Samantha Poithress. The communist sympathizers right here in America are turning us into Venezuela.

The entire nation is holding it’s breath waiting to hear the final vote count, then still expect a separate battle over the validity of the results. An awful lot of Americans are convinced that there are a whole bunch of bogus ballots in the mail.

  1. Need a nationwide suspension of Protest permits. Cite the Coronavirus uptick concerns as a reason. If we’re going to allow them, then any group’s protest that inevitably deteriorates to a riot, should be banned from future permits. Either control your membership/participants or you pay for your bad behavior.

  2. Losers! Why do they always look like vagrants. Would you hire anyone that looks like this? The dregs of society, like all Communist. Biden will embrace these anarchist a At least for the few days they allow him to claim to be POTUS.. Harris is a Socialist at the least ,this will be her cup of tea. Coronavirus will be gone in a week after the cheating Democrats steal the election and all the borders wiill be open to bring in disease and more votes for the left. The Black community is beginnnig to awaken finally leaving the Democrat Plantation, so they need new bodies to fill their spots. The Black community will for the most part loose their jobs and the illegals will take them. Welcome to Socialism.

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