Donald Trump Jr. Breaks His Silence

Donald Trump’s oldest son said the Democrat policies are “so insane” that they’re losing people heading into the 2024 election. Trump spoke with Breitbart News ahead of a speech he’d be giving at Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence summit in Las Vegas. He thinks Republicans have a fighting chance because of those policies. Meetings have been designed with a strategy in mind.

Democrat policies don’t make sense

Trump Jr. noted,

“The reality is this. The Democrat party policies are so insane that they’re losing their people. If they were reasonable, if they were rational, if they weren’t trying to sterilize three-year-olds without parental consent, it would be a much harder battle. They are funded five to ten times more than we are. Everyone is an activist. There’s no consequence to being even the most radical leftist activist these days. They have the help of trillion-dollar institutions. They have big tech and the mainstream media. We have some serious obstacles we need to surmount but people now see it and they feel it. You can’t cover it up with noise or suppression. The economy, the inflation, the wars—everything is so ridiculous. The invasion at our southern border. Everything is so in people’s faces that it’s sort of—people who were politically agnostic, who sat on the sidelines and perhaps didn’t turn up to vote, they’re going ‘oh my god, I get it now.’”

He said Democrats are “extremely organized, they’re extremely vicious, and they don’t care about rules or decorum or decency. They will do anything they can to win and we’ve got to play the same game.”

Democrat policies might be politically expedient

This two day Turning Point Action meeting precedes the Republican Action Committee’s winter meetings in the same city. They’re designed to help Republican chairs in battleground counties in November.

Turning Point Action found 4.5 million Republican voters that didn’t vote in 2016 and 2020 clear down to the precinct level. In states such as Georgia or Arizona or Wisconsin, the numbers are so large that if just a fraction of those voters turn out it would easily help Trump defeat Biden.

The Democrat party can be beat

Trump Jr. was excited,

“I love that people are stepping up to do this. I’ve been in this fight for a long time. It’s sort of become my de facto job because I actually believe in this stuff. The institutions on the conservative side, they don’t fight the same way the left does. So it’s great to see organizations like Turning Point actually do that and actually step up and fill in some of those voids, mobilize those voices, and go get those voters. People always ask me, whether it’s daily on the Q&A in my podcast, or whatever it may be, ‘what can we do?’ This is exactly what we need to be doing. There needs to be that sort of grassroots activism to get people going. We need to use that to push the more established institutions into doing the same type of activism because they’re lacking. But I love to see that Charlie and the whole team at Turning Point Action is doing that because we need it.”

He’s hoping groups like this can change the election outcome from Democrat to Republican. The battle needs to be fought differently.

“I certainly hope so. Nothing is going to happen unless we’re out there doing these things. I’ve been talking about that. I’ve been doing these grassroots things with groups like this since literally 2015 when I figured it out and when I saw how effective they could be when not just catering to the Washington DC donor class. This is what they’re doing here at Turning Point. That’s critical. We’ve ceded every major institution, political, governmental, pop culture, academia—because they had a ground up sort of activism. They took on everything from the bottom up and sort of took over all the positions. We have to start doing the same thing. Not just the presidency and Senate seats, we have to start from school boards and work our way up and that’s how we win by getting everyone into the game. It is scary. We’ve been playing the game like it’s fair—like they’re not cheating, like they’re not weaponizing everything, like we’re going to get a fair shot with the media or with tech. We never have. They suppress or censor us even if we’re right on the issue and even if the vast majority of people believe we’re right on the issue. They’re better at messaging it. They’ll frame it as though you’re a racist if you believe in common sense things that have nothing to do with race. We have to wake up to that. We have to get people like the county chairs engaged. We saw that in 2020 right? It was the Republican legislatures and they were steamrolled by the media and they said it was fine to break our state Constitution to be able to do mail balloting this way because otherwise they’d camp out in front of their driveway and harass them. We’ve never had the resolve to fight. I think we understand where our country is going and we understand the trajectory of today’s Democrat Party. Your grandfather’s Democrat party is long gone. These are radical sociopaths and Marxists at this point. They’re not even pretending. While they like to scream about fascism and other things they’re acting like fascists and dictators. If you think that ends with Trump, you are sadly mistaken. It is sad to hear that there are people who are still unsure about these things and don’t understand it. But it’s good to see there are people out there actively doing these things and we have to raise more funds to make sure that the people we’re able to make see it do, and that we systematically get in front of every person in every swing state. By the way, not just the swing states—even the states that we’re winning and even the states we’re not going to win like California, pick up some House seats, or do what Lee Zeldin was able to help us do in New York by pulling people over the margin and educating them appropriately and doing what we need to do to win.”

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