The Left Decides to Eat One of Their Very Own

A Nashville composer has recounted the ordeal he faced over the last year after he became a target for the left wing activists he once supported. 34 year old Daniel Elder, a composer of choral music, had an exceptionally promising career in his grasp before he did the unthinkable last year. Elder expressed distaste for the riots and arson which gripped his hometown of Nashville. After that, Elder did something even worse: he refused to apologize.

Left attacks composer for not supporting arson

The writer of sacred choral music, originally from rural Georgia according to his website, claims that he had always considered himself to be a man of the center-left.

While he was never particularly open or outspoken about his politics, Elder told Reason Magazine that he generally supported liberal causes, including those espoused by BLM protesters.

When he witnessed firsthand the destruction which these people were causing, however, Elder was shocked. Even more disturbing than the burning and looting of Nashville, however, were the reactions he noticed from his peers.

Elder reports that he was deeply disturbed by the extent to which public opinion was embracing the destruction of local historic buildings and shops.

Kept awake by his distress over the damage being done and supported by his fellow liberals, Elder decided to quit social media with a farewell message which read “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people.”

Amid the atmosphere of frenzied attacks on anyone not expressing full support for everything BLM rioters were doing, the post was quickly found and attacked by people who called Elder a racist and a white supremacist.

A career ruined in an instant

In less than a day they had contacted GIA Publications. As the most important publisher of sacred choral music through its connection to the Catholic Church, this company was one of the only potential income sources for Elder, who published through them.

GIA immediately wrote an apology for Elder and told him to post it. Again, however, he chose to stick to his conscience. Rather than allowing insincere words to be put in his mouth,  he “chose to be that guy who didn’t issue the apology.”

The publishers quickly severed all ties with Daniel Elder and issued an apology of their own for having ever been associated with him. Ironically, the statement calls his post “incendiary,” an interesting choice of words for describing an anti-arson stance.

For the composer this refusal to submit had devastating consequences. Having devoted his life to writing Catholic choral music, a career swap would not exactly be easy. As a rather niche artist, Elder had none of the celebrity which has allowed famous victims of “cancellation” to survive.

Even if Elder could find a chorus director who would not be aware of his pariah status, choirs were rarely performing due to the presence of pandemic restrictions. Instantly losing his career, friends, and professional connections drove Elder to feel suicidal for a time.

While his career has still not recovered, Elder told Reason that the experience has opened his mind in listening to those on the right who have landed in the same boat. Hopefully these fellow exiles may welcome the composer and appreciate his talents more than his former friends on the left did.

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