Townhall Meeting Takes Aggressive Turn as Parents Fight Back Against ‘Equity’

Parents in Amherst County, Virginia are fighting back against the idea of teaching students about “equity” in public schools. At a June 1 school board meeting locals fought over the potential implementation of “social justice” lessons for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Public schools around the country are currently meeting with increasing resistance from parents who dislike the idea of leftist worldviews being pushed on their children at school.

Parents oppose white guilt lessons

The curriculum being suggested for Amherst County schools is intended to teach students about “equity and social justice,” terms which in themselves carry very strong connotations in 2021.

The proposals are carefully framed in terms which imply that students will receive a neutral education about the relevant controversies and will have an opportunity to express themselves regarding the matters.

However, the guidelines also specify that students will be punished for “hate speech” and “derogatory language.” Disagreement with the premise of what is being taught will evidently be considered hate speech.

Parents who objected to the material pointed out that theirs is a center-right, mostly white and conservative community.

The students who would be receiving these lectures would be targeted by rhetoric which implies that they should identify themselves as oppressors and racists.

Amid the ongoing debate, the curriculum has not yet been formally approved and debate is ongoing between families which support and oppose implementation.

Leftists determined to teach about racial grievances

Several speakers dismissed the concerns of the critical parents, stating that the feelings of their white children should not be the focus of attention.

Parents who complained that their vulnerable children would be having far left ideas pushed on them at a young age were attacked for suggesting that the matter should be handled at home.

“If black, indigenous and other students in Amherst County are old enough to experience racism, then white students in Amherst County are old enough to learn about those experiences,” said one proponent of the curriculum.

While the equity and social justice curriculum has not yet been approved formally, it is clear that even a relatively conservative area is not immune from having these ideas forced onto their children.

Some at the Amherst County meeting suggested that the state government might soon mandate such lessons anyway, regardless of what the local school board decides.

Both public and private schools around the country have been experiencing a barrage of left wing propaganda aimed at students; in spite of some opposition, liberals are determined to press on with their agendas in American classrooms.

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