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Kerry Drops Bombshell on Americans… RIDICULOUS

As much as this administration has been shoving renewable energy down our throats, it wasn’t to accelerate the process.

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is now warning that we are not moving quickly enough.

Kerry dropped the bombshell during a conference on Thursday.


During the event, Kerry stated, “We can’t run around and do one bespoke deal here, another bespoke deal there — it just isn’t going to be fast enough.

“So, everything has to accelerate and by vast amounts.

“We have to be deploying renewables six times faster than we are today.

“We have to be deploying electric vehicles 20 times faster than we are today if you’re going to keep the Earth’s temperatures at 1.5 degrees of increase.

“Why is that important? Because every tenth of [a] degree above 1.5 takes you into what scientists will say is really dangerous, uncharted territory which is far more expensive to cope with.”

Kerry continued, “Every economic analysis of this challenge makes it very clear it is far less expensive to be investing now, to get ahead of it, than it is to wait when you will pay untold trillions of dollars.

“If you think supply chains were interrupted by Covid, wait until you see what happens when 100 million people are moving in Africa because they can’t live there anymore, they can’t produce food, there’s not enough water and it’s too hot.

“We’re seeing indicators of that in various parts of the world.”

Dig in, patriots, because this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Source: Fox News

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