Model Says ‘I’ve Been Bombarded With Death Threats after Flashing my Boobs’ [PHOTOS]

Even porn has a saturation point and you need to strange, unusual things to get attention. And as any toddler knows, even bad attention is good. This model will do just fine, regardless that she desecrated some place sacred. The views she got should compensate some for having to shut down her Instagram account. She’s probably on other social media. Provided she stays out of prison she may be able to reinstate.

A model can work anywhere

And pictures on the internet are forever. Lola Bunny, a model on OnlyFans flashed some of her assets in front of the Saint Basil’s cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

There are some places on earth you can get away with doing that. The United States is arguably one of them. Desecrating someplace sacred is regularly done here. But this is Russia.

The model needs to watch her step

For a little while. She said the footage of her walking towards the camera and flashing was a couple years old and was never meant to be published.

Things can be faked online. You can say you’re sorry but until something is removed it’s going to look like a publicity stunt. The backlash got so bad she had to close her Instagram account

The model is apologetic

She was sorry but it didn’t end there. “I apologise for insulting the feelings of believers, I am very sorry about that.” The death threats continued and Lola appeared to not understand humans are flawed and might not forgive. “I have noted everyone writing death threats to me. How can you talk about faith when this is pouring out of your mouth? What kind of morality are you talking about?”

This model was a second incident. A Russian porn star and her partner filmed a sex act on the sacred Mount Batur some months prior which is under investigation. Veronika Troshina, 22 and Mikhail Morozov, 26 did a video and put it on PornHub for over 12 million views. Mount Batur is an active volcano and a sacred Hindu spot on Bali island.

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