Breaking News: 2,600 Votes NOT Counted, Election Director Asked to Step Down

In Georgia’s Floyd County, election officials discovered a stash of uncounted ballots. More than 2,600 votes WERE NOT Counted. It might not be enough to swing that State’s election but it is enough that the Director of Elections has been asked to step down.

Count all the legal votes

Georgia is one of the 2020 presidential election’s most fiercely contested battleground states. It’s inexcusable that over 2,600 Floyd County ballots were discovered during the hand recount. It has American’s wondering how many more are lurking under the seat cushions and and behind the drapes. This is not the way that all the legal votes get counted. If we still have laws in America, then heads need to roll over this one.

Brad Raffensperger, who goes by the title of Secretary of State for now, “blamed the problem on Floyd County election officials failing to upload votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning machine.” Oops. They happened to notice when Georgia started the hand recount of nearly 5 million ballots.

So far, that’s the most significant discrepancy. The chairman for the Republican Party in Floyd County, Luke Martin says the lapse is “concerning” but, so far, “doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue.” Still, he’s “glad the audit revealed it, and it’s important that all votes are counted.” All the legal ones that is. In other states, there are lots of extra illegal ballots allegedly floating around.

County director asked to resign

Monday evening, an official in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Gabriel Sterling, called on the Floyd County elections director to hand in a resignation. “Since this was such an amazing blunder,” they “would like to see that elections director in Floyd County step down from his position.” If he can’t keep track of the votes then why are they paying him.

The deadline to count up all the Georgia votes is Wednesday, November 18 at the stroke of midnight. This scandal comes on the heels of one in Fulton County where 132,000 ineligible ballots are expected to be thrown out.

People who move are not supposed to cast their votes in their old district. Generally because it makes it that much easier to vote in the new one too. It certainly wasn’t a disadvantage to Joe Biden that 132,000 people voted illegally. Especially when he was only ahead by around 10,000 votes counting all the illegal ones.

  1. The most concerning thing, to me, is that all of these discrepancies have been to the advantage of Joe Biden. ALL OF THEM.

    That is a pattern that should alarm every American. It’s not 60% of the time, or even 80%… it is 100% of the time that we find wrong tabulations, glitches, human errors, etc, the error favored BIDEN.

    That’s not glitches, that’s FRAUD. And it’s being done by only one party, the Democrats.

    If you vote for Democrats, you are voting for a machine that lies and cheats. They accused Trump of colluding with Russia to interfere with our elections. That was a LIE to distract us from the real people who are interfering with our elections. They accused Trump of a “quid pro quo” with the Ukraine, when it was actually Biden who did this.

    Wake up, America.

    1. Are you retarded or what ??? The delusional democrats lie about everything including things trump did and then try to take credit for it . Try doing a fact Check befor acting like a little snowflake crying at the sky . 47 years joe never completed anything but fill his pockets from his corrupt crime family . Good thing the real people of the USA back the people elected president , not one who has to use voters fraud to win a race . The dumb ass doesn’t even know what he’s running for . Remember … old joe will beat george in the race for Senate . Old joe cant run a kool-aid stand let alone the country . besides he still has jail time to deal with

    2. You are exactly right… This proves FRAUD 100%… all the so called “Mistakes” are in biden’s favor ???…Not a snowball’s chance in Hell… FRAUD…FRAUD… and more FRAUD. People need to stand up and RAISE HELL about this!!!.

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