25,000 Potentially INFECTED Illegal Aliens Joe is About to UNLEASH Upon the American Population

His Wisdom Joe Biden just unleashed at least 25,000 potentially Covid-19 infected illegal aliens on the unsuspecting American public. It looks like the Imperial Leader is going to spend his first 100 days signing Palace Decrees as fast as he can pull them off the stack prepared by his handlers.

Only half the aliens are invading

Remember all those asylum seeking aliens laying siege to America’s southern border as they waited patiently for a chance to convince a judge to let them in? They’re coming in. The Imperial Palace announced on Friday that North Central America will start “allowing in migrants who sought asylum under the Trump administration but were forced to sit in Mexico as they awaited a hearing before a judge.”

Don’t worry, they’ll be tested for Covid. By Mexico at our expense. Accuracy? “No problemo!” The public can feel safe because officials are “working with Mexico, in addition to several international nonprofits” to administer the tests. We just pay for them. “The COVID-19 tests will be issued through one of the international nonprofits and funded by the United States government,” DHS officials clarify.

This latest move by Imperial Leader Biden to erase nationalism from the face of the Earth is confusing Democrats. It certainly shows anxious illegal aliens that we’re finally living the progressive dream of one big happy planet, “sans frontiers.”

What has liberals confused is the Imperial Decree issued only days before advising “authorities will be turning away a vast majority of migrants seeking asylum at the border.” Biden’s puppet-masters want free cake and the ability to eat it too.

If the double-talk is confusing liberals in America, it’s making the illegal aliens go spastic. Estupiñan Garcia has access to Facebook.

“There are a lot of people on social networks speculating that the border is open, and at the end of the day it’s a lie,” he scolds.

Freeze on deportations

On Biden’s first day in office, the DHS thrilled aliens by announcing an immediate stop to the policy of sending asylum seekers to Mexico under “Remain in Mexico” as of January 21.

But the department emphasized this would only apply to new enrollments in the program. He also recently signed an imperial decree to review the MPP policy.

Imperial Leader Biden “made clear” that the U.S. government is “committed to rebuilding a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas reminded. He also waffled faster than the house of a thousand syrups.

“Changes will take time. Due to the current pandemic, restrictions at the border remain in place and will be enforced.” The aliens already on the list can come in but the new wave only get their campsites.

Starting February 19, “reprocessing” will begin “for those aliens who were subject to the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols.” To reassure nervous liberals, DHS insists it’s only the beginning. “There will be three ports of entry where people with asylum cases can be reprocessed.”

The spokesunit added, “this is phase one of tackling MPP. More ports of entry may be added later.” According to government statistics, “there are around 25,000” asylum seekers “waiting in Mexico under the policy.” They plan to run them across the border like cattle. “Up to 300 people will likely be reprocessed daily at the three ports of entry.” None of them will have Covid. Really. Mexico promised.

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