BLM Activist Caught Harassing Asian-American Councilwoman

While the media attempts to develop their narrative about a widespread surge in anti-Asian hate crimes, examples continue to accumulate of Asian-Americans being harassed or attacked by BLM activists. Now an Asian-American councilwoman in Los Altos, California is claiming that she has been harassed and threatened for months by BLM supporters for not voting to approve an anti-police proposal which was supported by BLM activists.

Local politicians attacked for not voting against police defunding

Lynette Lee Eng voted in November against a measure which would have removed police resource officers from local schools.

Lee Eng argued that she would need more information before she considered voting to approve this local police defunding proposal.

Area BLM activists very quickly informed Lee Eng that they were not happy with the outcome; Kenan Moos, the leader of a local BLM affiliated group, began to send angry text messages soon after the vote.

Moos told Lee Eng that he would ensure that her name and vote would be widely publicized as revenge for her decision.

He complained that Lee Eng had indicated that she would approve the proposals he supported, accusing her of being a liar and of having “racists” supporting her decisions.

The anger from Moos apparently came from a misunderstanding in that he had expected the Asian-American councilwoman to give immediate approval to any measures which had approval from his group.Asian

Asian-Americans and BLM feel threatened by each other

Lee Eng said that, in addition to the pressure she feels as a local politician targeted  by BLM, she feels threatened as an Asian-American and thinks that she is being blackmailed by angry activists.

Kenan Moos, on the other hand, responded by accusing Lee Eng of threatening him by implying that he was threatening her.

Moos claims that the accusation has put a target on his back and made others in the community think that he is a threatening presence, something which he claims increases his chances of being attacked by police officers.

The family of Moos even argued that Lee Eng was being racist by insinuating that the messages made her feel threatened.

The conflict between an Asian-American and a BLM activist pits two favorite Democrat narratives against each other very clearly, as have other attacks by black men against Asians.

Kenan Moos continues to argue that he was merely expressing his disappointment, not making an actual threat. When BLM expresses disappointment, however, the distinction is often blurred.

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