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Deep State Unravels As Republicans Declare War

The deep state is coming unraveled as John Durham’s behind the scenes independent probe is expected to produce criminal charges. Freedom fighting Republican lawmakers have declared war against the traitors who conspired to overthrow President Donald Trump. People will go to prison, they say. Have “faith.” John Durham “will get that job done” and bring the renegades to justice. Conservatives are also winning a huge watchdog committee battle to reign in the FISA abuse. Defiant lawmakers are refusing to extend critical provisions until after proper safeguards are installed.

The deep state plotters will go to prison

Republican lawmakers Jim Jordan of Ohio and Devin Nunes from California were on Sean Hannity’s Wednesday show. They were there to reassure the public that our trusted officials understand the seriousness of the deep state coup to overthrow the President, orchestrated by treasonous plotters in the back rooms of Barack Obama’s Department of Injustice. Hannity brought the subject up. “Do you have faith,” he asked the two lawmakers, “that job will get done and we will have equal justice and equal application of our laws?”

Jordan was quick to respond, “Yes, I do, Sean. I think they will get that job done.” His phone has been ringing off the hook as constituents demand to know “when is someone going to jail, when are people going to be held accountable?” Nunes backed him up on that without hesitation. “I agree, Sean. I think that Attorney General Barr knows that there won’t be a Republican left in this country that trusts the FBI or the Department of Justice,” unless people are “held accountable.” Republicans already distrust the Federal Bureau of Instigation. If lawmakers don’t start showing that laws actually have meaning, by enforcing them, our system will collapse into anarchy.

Devin Nunes insists that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham both know “that’s got to happen.” The huge difference between Durham’s investigation and the disappointing results we got from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, is that Durham can convene a grand jury on his own authority. He can bring charges. Attorney General Barr is already working on “internal reforms to prevent the errors Inspector General Michael Horowitz determined that the FBI made when it sought permission to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.”

deep state

Reforming secret FISA Court top priority

If congress does not take specific action to renew three crucial provisions authorizing the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the whole program will shut down in Mid-March. The intelligence community is begging for an extension while they work out the best way to stop the abuse. That’s not going to happen, there is way too much at stake. The biggest safety measure that everyone on both sides agrees must be in place is somebody to represent the accused in the secret court. Adam Schiff is terrified because the proposed amendments all have the votes on both sides of the aisle to pass, so he canceled the hearing to approve them.

The “deep state,” Devin Nunes warns, “is much worse” than he imagined. We’re at war with the forces of evil lurking inside our own government. “People have to remember that this is one yard in a cloud of dust. You have to wake up every day to fight because the socialist left, they worked hard to take over the Democratic Party, they work hard to get Bernie Sanders in the lead. They’re not going away.” The reason why Michael Flynn was railroaded by the Mueller inquisition, was only “because he wanted to remove “senior intelligence folks” from their positions.” Nunes asserts, “They had a real reason to get rid of General Flynn. “I know – because I was on the Trump transition team – one of the things that General Flynn wanted to do, he thought it was critically important that we empty out the swamp of all the senior intelligence folks that are in Washington, D.C.”

In 2016 the DOJ illegally abused their power to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. “This is 2020. They could do it again.” For instance deep state rat Adam Schiff is accused of leaking the contents of a secure intelligence briefing on the Coronavirus.” He got burned. “As it turns out, what they conveyed to Mr. Schiff, which he then leaked, what they conveyed to Mr. Schiff was inaccurate.”

Rep. Doug Collins is also fired up about the way Jerrold Nadler canceled the FISA markup meeting at the last minute, under orders from Schiff. “I was furious that they stopped this markup. I am not going to trade off the easy extensions for not doing anything with FISA. We have to do something with FISA, and the House needs to do it, and the Senate needs to take it up, and we need to send it to the president so we know that this will not happen again.”

“Jerry Nadler and the rest of the Democrats do not want to have to admit that these investigations occurred. They don’t want to have to admit FISA was abused. So, what do they do? They do like everybody I’ve seen in the Democratic Party lately, they stick their head in the sand and they only blame Trump.”

  1. President Trump needs to fight the communists who are trenched deep in California politics. Gavin Newsom needs to be indicted for making our state a haven for illegal immigrants who are allowed all the benefits of American citizenship through his sanctuary state policies. If you break California you’ll release more Republican citizens to vote for the Republican party which has been shut out of the voting process virtually by their lying to the citizens for over 40 years now. Embarrassed to say I live in California.

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