Power Ammunition For High Stake Swamp-rat War

It’s the duty of every patriotic American to fight back hard against modern progressive socialism. Our government was carefully crafted to defend our inalienable rights, not protect our lifestyle choices. With Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic pack of rats, “the stakes have never been higher.” We’re in an all out war with the swamp rats. The way to respond is by emphasizing the basics with the power ammo to blast all the “Bernie Bros” clear to Moscow.

The most powerful ammo is the right American story

“Stakes have never been higher than they are in 2020 because the story of America is at stake.” When Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw took the podium at CPAC he delivered a compelling speech. Simply identifying the threat isn’t good enough for a former Navy SEAL, he also passed out some powerful talking points as ammunition for each and every citizen to use in the social media trenches. You can do your part, he encouraged the crowd. “Contribute to the national discussion.” Then he started laying out the plan. “We have to win by telling the right American story.”

Crenshaw understands patriotic sacrifice. He lost an eye in Afghanistan. He gets really steamed when he hears the “liberal misconception” that government is only here to hand out free stuff and protect people from themselves, like helpless children. Not when our founding fathers gave us the powerful tools to stand on our own feet as responsible adults. “How do we get to a point where Bernie Sanders is the thought leader of a major political party? We got there because there’s been a misunderstanding of why government exists.” Anyone who bothered to read the Declaration of Independence would know, “it says that governments exist to protect your inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That isn’t how liberals see it through their rainbow colored glasses. “If you’re on the left,” he explains, “you tend to believe that governments exist to continue providing more and more services and false promises to the people.” Bernie Sanders isn’t the only one spewing communist filth. It “isn’t just radical socialists who believe this. That promise is a cornerstone of progressive thought.”

Liberals can only win by destroying the foundation. The narrative our Founders left us is “a story that must be torn down and rebuilt in some kind of progressive utopia.” Socialists are focused on “victimhood.” Crenshaw notes, “Tell people that they’re victims and tell them that the only way they can be saved is by the socialist revolution.” That’s only the beginning. It gets worse. “Eventually it becomes an attack on the foundation of our country and the symbols that actually bring us together. The flag, the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s about destroying the American project from within.”


The battle of our times

Crenshaw is convinced that this year’s election cycle is “going to be the battle of our times. The battle between those who believe America is good and those who believe in the notion of socialist revolution who believe we are inherently bad.” In order to defeat the forces of darkness, we need the weapons with the most power. “We are the ones who must convince Americans that personal independence and responsibility is actually good, that the federal government is not the solution to every problem we face, and that the failure of socialism throughout history must be exposed as the evil that it is.”

The way to accomplish that is by hammering the power narrative again and again. “We need to tell the story of empowerment and self-reliance, not dependency. We need to tell the story of freedom, not utopian collectivism. We need to tell the story that it is still OK to unapologetically love America.” It’s okay to have a nationalist love America, “because that story is based in truth and gratitude and not fear-mongering for the sake of revolution and power.”

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