Malarkey: Biden Caves to Radicals

President Biden has once again abandoned one of his own policies to appease the radicals in his party. One of the rare Trump policies which Biden did not immediately move to reverse was the refugee cap which he established. Biden intended to maintain the cap of 15,000 for refugees; after an attack from others in his party Biden has now abandoned his intentions and quadrupled the refugee cap to 62,500 for this year.

Biden caught trying to maintain Trump policy

In February the Biden Administration suggested that the cap could be raised to the 62,500 figure. Evidently this was either not a serious proposal or was found to be impractical.

Biden quietly attempted to maintain the Trump era cap on refugees, signing an emergency declaration to that effect in April.

Unfortunately for Biden, the radical wing of the congressional Democrats did not ignore the move. Prominent Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and Dick Durban quickly lashed out at the policy.

Biden has been accused of upholding “xenophobic and racist policies” by not immediately reversing the cap established by Trump.

Now the administration has caved, quadrupling the number in an attempt to appease these malcontents in the party and, more importantly, creating another degree of separation from Trump.

The new policy will establish numbers of refugees within the 62,500 who can be admitted from specific regions, with Africa and the Near East given the most slots reserved.Biden

Who runs this administration?

The Biden Administration has struggled to justify themselves to their own party on the issue, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki initially indicating the White House intended to gradually raise the cap.

With the new reversal Biden released a statement blaming Trump for the delays, claiming that it would take time still to “undo the damage.”

This scramble to appease Ocasio-Cortes and others illustrates one of the enormous difficulties which the administration now faces.

If Biden thought that he could selectively apply rational and logical policies like upholding the Trump refugee cap, he was sorely mistaken.

Biden campaigned as a radical; now he is finding that he is expected to govern as one in all things, even when his administration may think it is impractical.

The implication of this hasty reversal is that the President will, in the future, cave to any demands from the more radical wing of his party. The “moderate” façade will be short lived for this White House.

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