David Hogg FAILS Horribly, and Now He Has Something to Say About it

Colleges are pumping out kids that might be schooled more in propaganda than economics. The law student challenging Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court is another recent example. It would have been great to have had Hogg be successful at his venture. He would have added jobs to the economy. But he doesn’t understand how minimum wage works. He’s not been shown the history of any big business and how it got there.

Hogg may think

Big business got to where it was by stepping on others on the way, maybe getting in bed with other wealthy people. The owner inherited it. Inheriting it can happen, yes, a business owner passes it onto his offspring when he retires. But where did it all start?

You can probably ask any current small business owner. They likely started with an idea. The idea was floated to possible investors, people who believe in the idea, think it would work great, maybe the investors would see a return on their investment.

Hogg is angry at the wrong people

Blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome, he was furious with a supporter, Mike Lindell, the successful pillow guy. If Hogg looked at Mike’s past, he’s not acting like it. Don’t progressives want people to get off drugs? That’s what Mr. Lindell did. Mike Lindell was knocking on death’s door from them.

Mike Lindell came from nothing. Business owners can do that, they don’t want to stay at the minimum wage Hogg is furious about. Hogg, minimum wage is not meant to be an end all. It’s a stepping stone. A teenager or young person will utilize that low wage until they find the option for a better paying job.

The wealthy create jobs

Provided government isn’t trying to tax and regulate them, i.e. extort them to the point of where they move to a business friendly state or country. Hogg, when was the last time you honestly looked at a business balance sheet with the owner or bookkeeper? How thin are their margins? There’s both a profit AND A LOSS. If a business loses too much to even stay in business, it will close and lay off those on minimum wage. So now those people have nothing.

David Hogg, are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you realize the Biden tax increases aren’t going to affect Bezos, that’s why he’s agreeing with them? Take a look at the history of Amazon. Where did Jeff Bezos start?

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