Liz Cheney Ruins Liz Cheney’s Career

Liz Cheney is continuing her efforts to turn her own party against her with another attack on President Trump and his supporters. Cheney is now claiming that having doubts about one of the most divisive and questionable elections in American history is, in fact, “poisoning our democratic system.” To Cheney, credible accusations of corruption and fraud in the 2020 election are only concerning in that they undermine confidence in the fact that Democrats won.

Cheney keeps up the attack on her own base

Cheney has been bitterly opposed to the Trump wing of the Republican Party in recent months,  consistently siding with Democrats and becoming a sort of queen of the RINOs.

Cheney continues to hold her position as the third ranking Republican in the House of Representatives in spite of her apparent rush to join with the Democrats.

In her Statement the Wyoming Representative attacked not only the former President but the majority of the Republican base, claiming that those voters who doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election are “turning their back on the rule of law.”

This from a woman who is now desperately pandering to a party which is entirely devoted to shredding the rule of law insofar as that enables their own base to destroy the lives and livelihood of the Republican base.

Cheney is very actively spitting on those who voted for her. Wyoming is a very conservative state which voted strongly for both her and President Trump. Now she is apparently asking her voters to decide who they prefer.

The possibility of her being voted out of office by the people of Wyoming increases with every idiotic statement she makes, though she likely doesn’t care at all.

A career worth ruining?

Cheney is, after all, in her position almost exclusively because of her last name, a last name which ensures that she will be offered  money and power wherever she goes in life.

She seems to be very devoted to being voted out of office by her constituents and so it appears that she has already decided to destroy her career as a Republican in Congress.

There are several cynical ways in which Cheney could dodge the consequences of these attacks on her base. The most simple option would be switch parties formally and stop pretending to be a Republican.

It may be more profitable, however, for Cheney to keep up her current act after she is voted out, presenting herself to gullible liberals as “one of the good ones,” a Republican who hates Trump and his people just as much as the Democrats do.

Whichever she chooses, Cheney is rapidly approaching the point of no return in her own party, if she hasn’t already passed it. Speculation is increasing about her being voted out of her position by her Republican colleagues.

Given the amount of positive attention which is being devoted to her by the leftist media, however, she may decide that this is a perfectly acceptable price to pay.

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