Disabled Man Who Was Violently Attacked By BLM Breaks Silence

BLM is an American terrorist group. Any pretense of being protestors left long ago. American media calls them differently but by their actions, you’ll know what to call them. Their political affiliation is radical left since their donations go to the Democrats. The purpose of any terrorist group is to frighten and intimidate civilians for political gain. They’re cowards, attacking those who are least likely to fight back.

BLM can kill

Eldon Hawkins feared for his life. Looking at the video, you can see why. He could have been dragged out and beaten to death.

Like NYC, if you accidentally take a wrong turn, it can be deadly. Eldon was shown no mercy after also accidentally running over a bike behind him.

BLM will also attack somebody coming to aid

BLM is a mob. Even parts of the mob might have been too intimidated to help out. You can hear one person asking others to leave him alone.

Will a BLM member back off with a fire hose aimed at them? A flash bang that’s also intended to intimidate back harder? Or does it take deadly force? Does that person need to be stopped permanently?

BLM is not protestors. Protestors don’t destroy

Eldon spoke at a City Council meeting Monday. “As Hawkins remembers it, he was driving east on Broad Street to his Downtown apartment after visiting an Arby’s restaurant in Franklinton,” The Columbus Dispatch noted after hearing Hawkins’ testimony. “The video shows that he had passed High Street and was blocked. He backed his vehicle up at a low speed and struck a person on a bicycle with his back bumper.”

His car became swarmed. “They threw a bicycle on my windshield and started kicking my doors and windows. It scared the life out of me,” Hawkins recalled.

“It’s one thing to protest, but when people start breaking windows and spray painting the F-word, that’s turning this beautiful city into a dive.”

Years ago Hawkins protested with his father, a union man. “We did not break one window, and we did not spray paint foul language, because this is our city. If troublemakers don’t like it, they can leave.”

  1. How did the guy get away if he didn’t use the gas peddle. I wish these articles would finish the story being reported. There is a beginning, a middle and an end to a story. What journalists learning in college, or wait, I forgot they are learning commie talk instead of reporting fully a story.

  2. He has Cerebral Palsy. Fortunately, from what I’ve read, someone in the crowd either recognized that he was disabled or knew him and finally told the heathens that. After doing $8000.00+ damage to his car and pulling everything out of his trunk they finally let him go.
    I saw the video and it appeared that he was frightened and may have accidentally shifted the car into reverse and even popped the trunk lid. Either way, he was barely moving when he hit the bicycle tire. It didn’t appear to have caused any damage to the bike or injury to the rider other than him laying the bike down on it’s side. The rider got up, grabbed the bike and threw it into the rear of the car which probably caused any damage that may have been inflicted on the bike. Things just escalated from there. He was pilled from the car and attacked by the mob until finally released.

  3. BLM——-burn, Loot, Murder. No longer a move for unemployed blacks but a move to legalize the face that they are just that they are just thieves to lazy to work and to dumb to think.

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