Dem Operative Was Caught on Hot Mic, Leaks Plans for Election Night

To Democrat “operative” Kristopher Jacks, “2020 is a Political Revolution.” He admitted on a hot mic that radical socialists have plans to “change this country with violence.” There’s only one way to do it, “Guillotines.” Election night’s just the beginning of a revolution. On Election Night he’s “gonna be in my garage, right next to my gun safe, all night long.”

Radical left plans to kill the rich

Antifa is only an idea but Jacks didn’t get that memo and already has plans. “If you want to do some Antifa sh*t. You really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it,” he declares. Kill the rich. He suggests that “random billionaires” are about to “start turning up dead.” with “Bezos at the top of the list.” He didn’t realize that he was talking to someone all wired up for sound and video. As explained by Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, “Jacks represents the radical wing of the Democratic Party in Colorado.” A group called “Our Revolution” is a proud partner of the the Democratic Party coalition.

Jacks was videoed bragging about his plans. “I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment. Absolutely. We are pirates on a pirate ship.” The anarchist “functions as trainer, mentor and on-the-ground quarterback at Our Revolution protests.” Jacks also thinks the right underestimates “how many people on the left are organized, trained, armed, and ready to go should they decide to do their sh*t.” Jacks confirmed what conservatives have been saying all along. The left has used the money George Soros shelled out to them to raise a rabble army. “We have the army already. We’re gonna show up in numbers. We’re gonna show up in mass.”

Jacks won’t let anyone stand in the way of his plans. “I will knock people down the stairs,” he promises. “I believe there is absolutely justified violence in all sorts of circumstances.” The radical simply idolizes Antifa. “Antifa’s great, man.” He gets fired up over “people marching in the street, running people over and sh*t like that.” People “firing guns, trying to provoke sh*t.”

What’s in your wallet?

The race card is handy to have in your pocket, Jacks notes, but the riot card is useful anywhere. Violence has it’s place. “There are definitely times for it,” he says. It’s “one of those cards you have to have in your back pocket, man. Martin Luther King wouldn’t have been as successful if it wasn’t for Malcolm X and Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, all of them doing their thing too.” He’s been trying real hard to get the Boogaloo boys out to play, but banging three beer bottles together like Sean Penn hasn’t been helping his plans.

Jacks is inspired by armed Antifa groups who follow John Brown, who in 1859 had plans to raid a federal arsenal near Harpers Ferry, Virginia. “It’s incredibly scary.” At that point, “that’s when you gotta find like the John Brown Gun Society people.” He goes on to add, “Well, when it comes to civil war, violence type stuff there’s always military guys, like former guys that stand up for the right thing–when that time comes, then we gotta get some of those type people involved.” Thankfully a lot of them are, as Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and other militia groups.

“If you want to do some Versailles shit. If you want to do some Antifa shit. You really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it,” he argues. People start getting nervous when random billionaires start turning up dead. “Nobody knows what the f**k’s going on. Nobody knows. Nope, I don’t know. They just turned up dead. And just three or four of ’em is all it’s going to take.” He obviously likes an element of terror in his plans.


A history of political violence

Jacks is upset that today’s radicals “ain’t stabbing mother f**kers like they used to.” That doesn’t fit his plans. He wants to go back to the good ole days of the French Revolution. “That’s all we gotta say. Guillotines motherf**ker. That’s all we gotta say. Option A, what I’m proposing. Option two, slicey bois.” To those who hang out in radical left chat rooms “slicey bois” are simply another word for guillotine.” They seem to have a fixation with them.

“We have power. Populist uprisings have power because we used to kill people. We used to hang people from gas stations. We used to cut off their heads.” The biggest problem facing the left today is that the Democrats simply aren’t fanatical enough. “Half of the struggle that I have isn’t with Republicans, it isn’t with the right-wing. It’s with f**kin moderates in the Democratic Party with all these people that are just scared of Trump.” His plans don’t have an answer for that.

Joe Biden is a perfectly acceptable puppet for their Deep State plans because all they want from him is a hand job. “Joe Biden was presumably left-wing, and he’s got a functioning signing hand,” Jacks clarifies. “As long as there’s progressive legislation that comes across his desk, I am confident we can occupy his house. We know where he’ll live, and yeah, he wants to veto Medicare For All. Let him veto it! He’s never leaving that house again without protest.” If Joe Biden dared to defy his handlers, it would be war. A veto on something like the Green New Deal or Medicare For All would spark “mass protests in the streets.” They’ve been practicing. “The left is already geared up. We’ve been practicing for four years against somebody who doesn’t listen.”

  1. KILL the wealthy? This guy is such a braindead idiot. These wealthy / elite individuals are surrounded by heavily armed BODY GUARDS. They will kill this idiot or any like him before they get near their intended victim.

  2. I always try to determine what spirit is behind someone by what they say or what they would do to their fellow man. I read verses like, Galatians 5:14 KJV “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself ” and contemplate the person who said it, which is Christ. This Kristopher Jacks guy is advocating killing his neighbor because he doesn’t agree with him…whose spirit does that sound like? The question is rhetorical, of course, it’s the spirit of Satan. In fact, 1 Timothy 4:1-2 KJV “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;” This guy has been seduced!

  3. So, where is the FBI? This guy is making serious threats. He is a part of the bigger problem in town. This guy could have important information like where antifa is getting their funding, this goes for BLM as well. Nobody is talking anymore about where all the money is coming from to organize and weaponize these two groups.

  4. John Brown was hung by the neck until dead. The revolutionary committee in
    France mostly ended up dead. You can fix stupid. It just requires a willingness to do it. Mr. Jacks we know who you are. The Feds know who you are. Very rich people with unlimited funds to hire the baddest of the bad know who you are. Dig a hole. make it deep and pull it in after yourself. Maybe you won’t be found, but I think the odds are against you. On the bright side maybe the Feds will find you before the “private security”

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