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Down-Low On The Wild Side – Know Your Enemy!

To “boomer” era conservatives, the liberal lifestyle is what Lou Reed used to call a walk on the “wild side.” One of the hardcore conservatives over at American Thinker decided to do a little Christopher Steele style “opposition research” by infiltrating a Bernie Sanders rally.

A walk on the wild side

When Bernie Sanders made a recent stop on the campaign trail in his home city of Denver, Colorado, Brian Joondeph writes, “I took my family to his Sunday night rally. Since we are all Republicans, this was a true walk on the wild side in the form of opposition research. As Sun Tzu said, ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.'” Not only that, the reporter figured it would be fun.

Bernie allegedly attracted “thousands” to the Colorado Convention Center. At least that’s what the left-leaning network media reported. Joondeph didn’t have any difficulty getting in. “There were no lines to get in, other than at the obligatory metal detectors now seen at everything from political rallies to sporting events.” The state is a big battleground on Super Tuesday, so the other candidates were circulating around too. The Bernie supporters tended to stand out, because, “the Bernie culture is rather unusual compared to other candidates’ supporters.” The crowd, “was younger than what one might see at say a Trump rally. More piercings and tattoos as well, but everyone was mostly polite and enthusiastic over their modern-day Karl Marx.”

The socialist way to activate a crowd includes, “one young woman with a high-pitched voice screeching unintelligibly.” It wasn’t AOC this time. Bernie’s feature appearance was what really brought the iconic rhythms of the Velvet Underground to mind. To American Thinker, “It was indeed a walk on the wild side.” As Lou Reed sang in the famous anthem of rebellion, “‘everybody had to pay and pay. A hustle here and a hustle there.’ Every one of Bernie’s proposals was a hustle. Everybody, not just the rich, has to pay and pay.”

Bernie’s socialist paradise platform

Sanders wasted no time getting straight to the point, calling President Donald Trump a “racist, sexist, homophobe.” There’s nothing great at all about America, Bernie insists because of all the rampant racism. There’s a simple way to fix it, he tells his hypnotized minions. One word, “green.” Lots and lots of green. Bernie will turn every taxpayer upside down and shake them until all the change falls out of their pockets to pay for his “Green New Deal,” and Medicare for All. Not to mention all that tax-payer funded education and business crippling minimum wages. Make America Venezuela! The audience cheers.

Bernie’s really unhappy that billionaire Mike Bloomberg just threw half a billion dollars on ads, just to get his campaign off the ground. Bernie’s down to pocket lint. The socialist famous for three houses and a private jet complained loudly about the billionaires who won’t pay their fair share of taxes. Especially the one buying all those TV ads.

Wild Side

Spineless Bernie won’t stand up to anyone

There weren’t any topless protesters at this rally. Bernie got an eyeful in Las Vegas when “several topless women took the stage protesting animal agriculture.” As they hijacked his stage and all the media attention, Bernie just stood aside and watched them jiggle. Compare that, Joondeph notes, to Ronald Reagan. Famous for his line in 1980 that “I am paying for this microphone.” American Thinker points out, “Bernie probably doesn’t pay for much of anything (few socialists do).”

One fight broke out at the rally but because it wasn’t a Trump event, there weren’t any Antifa on hand. One “Bernie Bro” decided to mix it up with someone wearing a “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt but it didn’t get very far.

It’s easy to see why Bernie appeals to the younger crowd. When they get out of school with a useless degree and no job, a higher minimum wage and no student loan payments sounds good. They can’t seem to put down the game controller long enough to think about things like “trade deals, conservative judges, roaring economy, and regulatory rollback.” They want the wild side.

Bernie Sanders is firmly in the lead for now, but even as leader of the rat pack, he only has a quarter of the votes. There’s no way a candidate that can’t even convince Democrats to vote for him will stand a chance in the general election.

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