Christopher Steele Makes Astonishing Admission

Christopher Steele’s historically infamous dirty dossier formed the central core of the Deep State Russiagate inquisition, wielded like a weapon against President Donald Trump. The former British spy now astonishingly admits that he can’t back up a single word of it. All his emails and notes are gone. Everything was “wiped.” He’s not saying who did it, or why, but he does say when. That, all by itself, is very interesting. “December 2016 and January 2017.” Right after Trump won the election yet before he took charge. How convenient.

Christopher Steele disappoints the Deep State

Three Russian bankers sued Steele in the U.K. over some wildly false allegations, scandalously exhibited later by the media, who never should have had the classified info in the first place. Their lawyers finally got a chance last month to grill him like a steak in sworn deposition testimony. Attorney Hugh Tomlinson fired up the blowtorch on behalf of Petr Aven, German Khan, and Mikhail Fridman. They’re co-owners of Alfa Bank and falsely accused of bribing Vladimir Putin for favors.

When attorneys gave Steele the third-degree, he collapsed faster than a cheap card table. The Deep State is deeply disappointed. He blew the cover all the way off the Russia conspiracy story they fed the FISA court. The one that IG Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham are so anxious to get to the bottom of.

It didn’t take long for Steele to admit that he “no longer” has the records, implying that something actually did exist at some point. There’s no doubt he had a hush mail account and those records disappeared, but the way he weasel worded his answer strongly suggests that he had no notes or documents to back up a single word of the Russian fantasies used in the Carter Page bugging plot, which evolved into an attempted overthrow of the White House.

“None of these documents exist, so they have all been destroyed?” Tomlinson asked. “They no longer exist.” Steele confirmed. The lawyer wanted to make sure he was hearing this correctly. “As I understand your position, you have no contemporaneous notes or emails, save for your notes of interactions with the FBI. Is that right?” Steele thinks so. “I believe that is true, yes.”

Many compare that to Watergate, and say this makes what Nixon’s “plumbers” did, when they tried to bug the DNC, “look like the third-rate burglary it was.”


‘Wiped.’ Like with a Kleenex dipped in Bleach-Bit

Christopher Steele testified under oath, during two grueling days of interrogation in mid-March, that all of his “communications” with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS about the dossier were “wiped” in a period of time spanning December of 2016 and January of 2017. Which corresponds with the Trump transition into the White House. The last thing the deep state expected was someone in the oval office who wasn’t firmly under their thumb.

Last year, on December 10, Steele gave a statement alleging he “he had evidence that would shed light on what his main dossier source told him back in 2016.” That was when he was using Hillary Clinton campaign cash to dig up dirt on Donald Trump or anyone connected with his campaign. He was bluffing.

Apparently, the report issued the day before by DOJ Inspector General Horowitz rattled his cage enough to lie. Horowitz pointed out that Steele’s “Primary Sub-Source” turned out to be the only source. He also reported that the anonymous source “told the FBI in January, 2017, “that Steele misrepresented or embellished information in the dossier.” That proves that the Federal Bureau of Instigation knew Steel’s allegations were lies and they intentionally hid that from the court.

The whole inquisition ‘Witch-hunt’ was based on lies

The revelation is such a bombshell because it means that Robert Mueller’s entire “witch-hunt” waste of time and taxpayer money was entirely based on lies. The FBI and their parent agency, the Department of Injustice, were fully aware the dossier had been debunked long before Mueller’s special investigation was created. That proves it was nothing but an attempt to overthrow a sitting president.

Right after the damning watchdog report hit the streets, Steele had his lawyers dispute “what the dossier source purportedly told the FBI.” The well paid barristers alleged that the source’s “debriefings” to Steele “were meticulously documented and recorded.” They just can’t be found. They claimed at the time that if Steele were only given a chance to respond to what the IG has to say, “the statements by the ‘Primary Sub-Source’ would be put in a different light.”

He was right about that one. Steele did get a chance to respond, in the deposition. He put the statements in a different light all right. When the light of day finally shone on the box of evidence it was revealed to be empty and full of dust.


Now that we have the answer to one puzzle, a new mystery has arisen from the ashes, like a Phoenix. If the information was there then, but isn’t there now, who got rid of it? Steele didn’t admit that he intentionally destroyed incriminating evidence.

It’s also hard to imagine how a former spy could have his files hacked, unless it’s by an extremely talented and well financed attacker, like a government intelligence agency, for instance. Also, hacking would not explain the loss of physical evidence like notes. If Steele didn’t do it himself, then a whole team of cleaners swept his home and office and anywhere else he may have stashed a treasure trove of evidence.

If the claims were as true as Steele alleged, then wouldn’t it make sense to keep a copy hidden somewhere as proof of that and life insurance at the same time? Steele may be at risk for an untimely suicide in the near future.

  1. Steel should put his head between his knees and kiss his A$$ goodbye.Any one who can testify against the hildbeast and bubba clinton usually commits suicide??? Vince Forster, Jeffrey Epstein are some of the examples.Enough said??

  2. America,
    The ” who me ” season has arrived. To make the statement that the SUPPOSED false information that Steele NO LONGER had was CLASSIFIED is not only preposterous, but lame. The need to create a TANGLED WEB was most important. The “thinking??? must have been, ” If we can’t dazzle them with BOVINE EXCREMENT, we’ll use the ” classified ” excuse. I am of the opinion that ” classification ” without serious forethought, is similar to freshman ” yellow journalism”.
    1. ??Classified?? information was leaked to a college professor in hopes that a ” special prosecutor would be appointed.
    2. The need for this special prosecutor was a direct result of unverified, possibly bogus information, not to mention the fact that admittedly, the information was dreamed up, patterned, and designed to “hoodwink” FISA Judges.
    3. The SIMPLETON REALIZATION that apparently was not considered, as a result of the need for basic common sense, . with a bit of intellect thrown in( WHY ) is yet to be determined.
    4. All we have to do is LEAK some BOGUS information to the Soviet Intelligence, to make it appear that the Soviets actually did the ” legwork” to come up with such ” classified” and damning information, then we’ll have our intel come forth with a “sit-rep” that proves we got the information from another world intelligence agency. Meanwhile, the college professor, a good friend of the top cop, was forgotten about, by design ( laughable )
    5. Note to future investigators. The simple fact that once the ” fixer” was charged with and prior to going to trial, was the appearance of the EX CLINTON attorney, Lanny Davis who offered his services to the “fixer”. ( They were not refused ) Again, freshmen ” yellow journalism ” appears with the note stapled to his forehead, that read, ” Don’t mind me, I’m just the janitor”
    6. Note to future intel “gumshoes”. A memo, dated 2 Jan, 1978, was located in the bottom of a desk drawer( in the basement ” of the J Edgar Hoover building) with the CAUTION. “Stone is known to have anywhere from 15-20 seasoned special operators, living with him and his wife, approach with care.
    7. Note to other agents: Whoever was appointed ” custodian” of all the film, photos and tapes that were found in all the “worldly child playboy” residences, be aware that there is no HIGHER DEGREE of classification for “EYES ONLY”.
    8. Film at Eleven.

  3. Earnest Leon Little, there were two Russian Intel operators involved with providing a few detail for the ‘Steele conduit’/ ‘Russian Dossier’ that changed in content about 8-9 times, as needed. When the British pulled Steele in for depositions and the investigation to rise to taking witness statements, the ‘2 Russians’ were scheduled to appear in the London trial proceedings, they boarded a flight in Russia travelling to London, the plane with I think some >< 90' deaths was also meant to be a message as well as a blocking effort.

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