AOC Uncloaks Then Tries to Walk it Back

Democrats now work under the mantra of never letting a good crisis go to waste. AOC and Bernie Sanders seemed to gleefully cheer both the equity market crash and the historic negative oil prices. She exposes the maturity and education level of those who voted for her. She doesn’t have a basic understanding of the economy and how oil fits into it. Maybe once she’s older she might understand the wisdom keeping her mouth shut.

Liberals see this as an opportunity to remake the country

“You absolutely love to see it,” she said,”Oil prices now at ‘negative values,’meaning oil producers have to pay people to take it off their hands and store it because when demand plunges (like now), that is less expensive for them than building more storage and/or shutting wells down.”

“This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*,” Ocasio-Cortez proceeded.

AOC’s former chief of staff has admitted the Green New Deal has nothing to do with climate change but instead is all about remaking the economy. But she and others keep up with the attempt at deception.

AOC tweeted later after deleting the previous tweet, “This snapshot is being acknowledged as a turning point in the climate movement. Fossil fuels are in long-term structural decline. This along w/ low interest rates means it‘s the right time to create millions of jobs transitioning to renewable and clean energy. A key opportunity.” She repeated throughout the day that this is a golden opportunity for the environmental agenda.

Industries that power America have family behind them

“Openly celebrating the economic destruction of families and communities because it fits a political narrative is unacceptable and unbecoming of a member of Congress,” said Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D. “People’s jobs are evaporating. Lives are being ruined in real-time. North Dakota companies that have taken decades to build have been destroyed in hours. Any public official that loves to see this does not deserve to hold office.”

A representative from Texas chimed in. Rep. Jodey Arrington, said: “I don’t ‘love to see’ oil & gas workers & their rural communities suffering as a result of this devastating price collapse, @AOC. Places like West Texas & hard-working men & women in the oil patch power the bright lights of NYC… including the hospitals!”

Noah Rothman echoed AOC’s sentiments in a column he wrote for Commentary Magazine, “These unbearable conditions may be demanded of a nation struggling to contain a pandemic, but an engineered recession is precisely what the Green New Deal’s proponents envision.”

Noah continued, “Mandatory substitution of one set of economic activities with another—or, in some instances, replacing conventional economic activity with nothing at all—is increasingly at the heart of the progressive project.”

“My cousin’s husband was laid off from his oil field job in Western Texas even before today’s downturn,” Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller shared a personal story. “They have 3 kids. She has cancer for the second time in her life, prognosis unclear. So no, you don’t ‘absolutely love to see it.’

It’s embarrassing how often AOC needs to be schooled

Commentator Stephen Miller noted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.: “@SpeakerPelosi Mom, she’s saying the quiet part out loud again.”

This is not the way to have your ideas be heard. But you have to say this out loud, it isn’t understood. “You only need thousands of people dead and millions of people unemployed to enact your vision, which is basically what we’ve been saying all along,” Miller continued. “Perhaps someone in the journalism industry would care to ask the presumptive Democratic nominee if he agrees that now is the time to push a Green New Deal and if he also ‘loves to see’ millions of people laid off from their jobs.”

Miller added: “‘Now that global pandemic has killed thousands and left millions unemployed, we can finally get what we want’ is not the genius take she or her instagram stans think it is, which is why you don’t see the Dem nominee jumping into the boat.”

“After deleting that tweet, I would love to see Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who loves to remind people she has an econ degree, explain contango and oil contracts to the rest of us who don’t see the logic in what she’s suggesting,” noted RealClearInvestigations’ Mark Hemingway.

“Make no mistake: This is the goal of the Democrats so-called ‘Green New Deal,'” wrote GOP national spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington. “They would be happy to sacrifice millions upon millions of good-paying jobs at the altar for their radical anti-energy agenda.”

Oil futures plummeted to below zero for the first time in history early this week. The need for energy collapsed. Traders had no place to store it. US crude for May delivery slid to negative $35.20. It was close to $60 when 2020 started. Shutdowns swept the world, idling everything including cars.

AOC doesn’t understand to just let America get back to work

The necessary ingredient for fixing this is people getting out to do things again. “The government can declare whatever they want in terms of encouraging people to get out and do stuff,” wrote Willie Delwiche, an investment strategist at Baird. “Whether or not broad swaths of society do that remains to be seen. It’s going to take seeing people start to get out and do stuff again. That will be the necessary positive development, not just declaring getting things open.”

Negotiations in the House and Senate are in progress for stimulus “3.5” to help small businesses. AOC won’t support it because she thinks it doesn’t help minorities enough.

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