Nancy Pelosi Wants to Have Her Pork and Eat it Too

So does Nancy Pelosi show up just to say she’s negotiating in good faith? Because that’s all she does. She could conceivably just walk in there and not say a thing. Refuse to negotiate. Trump supporters believe in him because he can negotiate even with people opposed to him. Trump just wants a stand alone bill. ALL bills should be like this. But if Pelosi’s just going to go in the room and fold her arms, Trump will need to figure another angle.

Pelosi wants bail out money

If Democrat states want money, they’re going to need to open up. Trump is smart to refuse to budge on that.

If the airlines aren’t helped, they don’t have enough funds to operate. COVID restrictions have cut back on paying passengers. Lay offs have begun. Once this is done, how many airlines will be left standing?

What Pelosi says and what she does are two different things

Republicans have expressed concern about using taxpayer money to bailout the airlines. They have a point but until COVID fear drops, businesses will continue to layoff.

“I have been very open to having a standalone bill for the airlines or part of a bigger bill. But there is no standalone bill without a bigger bill. There is no bill,” Pelosi said Thursday. “If we don’t have a guarantee that we’re going to be helping our state and local employees, that we’re not going be able to crush the virus, that we’re not going to be able to have our children go to school safely, that we’re not going to have safety in the workplace, that we’re not going to address unemployment — and some of these issues we have come to some area of agreement. But some of them we have not. But they have walked away from the whole package.”

Pelosi knows the economy is Trump’s baby

Trump wants us to prosper. This is also Trump Derangement Syndrome. Liberal Democrats can’t hurt us in ways they’re used to so they figure to hurt us in the wallet.

Trump actually wanted something bigger than what Pelosi proposed. Republicans might not have been willing to pass it though.

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