RNC Sues Pelosi Over Blatant Systemic Abuse

The House Transportation Committee may be terrified of Nancy Pelosi but the Republican National Committee isn’t. Their lawyers certainly aren’t afraid to stand up to her. At least someone has been listening to what We the People have been saying.

RNC sues Pelosi

On Wednesday, March 9, the RNC formally filed a lawsuit naming “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives January 6th Committee, and its members.” They want an injunction freezing “the unlawful seizure of confidential party information.

Conservatives in the party want to lock the data down as hard as a Canadian Freedom Convoy donor’s bank account. Do we actually have any laws in America anymore? They ask.

The RNC has sued to stop the January 6th Committee from unlawfully seizing confidential information.” They want records detailing “the internal activities of the Republican Party and millions of its supporters.” Democrats think they can go fishing for anything.

What they officially ordered “is completely unrelated to the attack on the Capitol.” The Speaker of the House isn’t Queen of Congress but she sure acts like it. “Nancy Pelosi and the Committee have weaponized Congress’ investigatory powers.” It’s Obamagate deja vu all over again.

Pelosi throws subpoenas around like an order for someone’s head on a silver plate. By “issuing this staggeringly broad subpoena which tramples on core First Amendment rights of the RNC and millions of Americans,” the committee wants to act like her private gestapo army.

They sent one to “ for the RNC’s data without any legitimate basis,” for instance.

Unconstitutional overreach

Somebody has to stand up to the New World Order or we’re doomed. That’s why the RNC “is challenging this unconstitutional overreach.” One political party isn’t supposed to be able to “use the force of government to unlawfully seize the private and sensitive information of the other.

So why does Nancy Pelosi keep getting away with it? Justin Riemer, RNC Chief Counsel, is getting out the legal pitchforks and torches.

Since we’re gearing up for a crucial mid-term election this November which is likely to flip control of Congress, Pelosi would love to know Republican strategy. “The RNC uses Salesforce technology to collect and maintain significant amounts of RNC data, including confidential and sensitive information about private individuals with whom the organization has engaged. All of this informs the development and execution of political strategy.” The RNC was a victim too.


In fact, the RNC was a target of violence and had a bomb placed outside of RNC headquarters, which put our staff in immediate danger and is something the committee has yet to investigate.

Party administrators in suits had nothing to do with the unwashed barbarians who decided to take a free tour of the Capitol building. “The RNC had nothing to do with the violence that occurred at the Capitol and has repeatedly condemned it.” Pelosi (allegedly) already knows that whatever happened on January 6, was done at the invitation of Christopher Wray, wearing his Guy Fawkes mask and sitting in for QAnon. Ever since 2013 or so, the old IRC and 4Chan Anonymous has been disbanded.

When the same rat who took down Sabu turned to the trucker movement, it wasn’t long before General Ernest Lee’s RV went up in flames, firebombed outside of Kansas. Then came the Bundy Bunch. Lavoy Finicum learned all about how “peaceful protest” can end when the FBI is around. Ted Cruz took a ride with the People’s Convoy on Thursday. Let’s see if he gets a subpoena on Friday. One thing that would be nice is if he could get the censorship lifted on the video of the WHOLE meeting he and Senator Ron Johnson had with the People’s Convoy on Tuesday.

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