Another State Just Flipped Dems and Biden the Bird as More and More Republican Ran States Begin to Band Together Against Evil

It will happen incrementally. That’s how we’ve gotten this far from what government was originally supposed to be. It makes sense that it would be two mid western Republican states telling Biden to get bent. Many people understand mental health is often at the center of senseless shootings so the new Ohio law tries to help with that. DeWine tried to broaden the court’s ability to seize a firearm during a mental health crisis.

Biden is just doing

What he’s been told to do so states are trying to take power back. The United States did this originally. Ohio is among 36 other states that don’t require you to retreat before defending yourself.

“Stand Your Ground” is hugely popular and necessary among those who aren’t afraid to defend themselves. Governor DeWine was waiting for it. “I made a commitment when I ran for governor that I would sign a bill like that. It puts us with the majority of states, not the minority of states that have something very similar to that.”

Biden may appear to be in charge

When the reality is the opposite. This is Obama 2.0 and they’re four years behind schedule. It comes as no surprise that the Democratic Akron mayor Dan Horrigan wasn’t happy. “This legislation will make Ohioans, including law enforcement officers, less safe by encouraging and justifying armed vigilantism in our communities.”

There’s an old phrase, “An armed society is a polite society”. When the potential criminal doesn’t know who is capable of stopping them, they’re far less likely to strike.

Biden is the reason

Power is going back to the states. Trump said he ran because of Obama and Biden. Republican Governor Kim Reynolds in Iowa broke her law down to the basics, where it needs to be. The only permit needed to be armed is the Second Amendment.

April 2 she signed HF 756 after it pretty easily passed, 31-17 and 60-37. “Today I signed legislation that protects the 2nd Amendment rights of Iowa’s law-abiding citizens while still preventing the sale of firearms to criminals and other dangerous individuals. We will never be able to outlaw or prevent every single bad actor from getting a gun, but what we can do is ensure law-abiding citizens have full access to their constitutional rights while keeping Iowans safe.” Many times it’s been found more restrictive gun laws wouldn’t have prevented a shooting.  Biden and the Democrats don’t want to hear that.

Governor Reynolds also signed HF 621 which helps to protect the firearms industry. Lawsuits designed to clog up the courts will be less likely. The NRA took notice. “With her signature on this bill, Gov. Reynolds ensures that Iowa has an additional layer of protection to prevent anti-gun extremists from attempting to bankrupt law-abiding businesses by suing them for the third party, criminal misuse of their legal products.”

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