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Michelle Obama Is In HUGE Trouble After Leaked Video

When it comes to political news, Michelle Obama has been and likely always will be a hot topic. Obviously, she’s no stranger to the spotlight, as the former First Lady was pushed back into the headlines once more after being spotted at a Christina Aguilera concert recently.

Michelle appeared to be enjoying herself during the entirety of the Xperience event and before leaving the show, she got an unexpected surprise visit from a shirtless dancer who began twerking right in front of her.

It appears that Mrs. Obama found this amusing as it was captured on TMZ’s clip.

In addition to the male dancer, multiple other dancers joined in with their own moves while Mrs. Obama clapped along and laughed with her female friends nearby.

The entire risque moment was caught on camera and posted online, causing quite the stir.

Not only did she enjoy herself while watching Christina Aguilera’s The Xperience event at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, but her age of fifty-six years old didn’t stop her from enjoying the momentary twerk by the shirtless man who gave her some “special attention”.

Even though there was a female security guard nearby to protect Mrs. Obama, guests behind her got up so they could have an even better view of what was going on.

Everyone seemed to be having fun and once it had ended Mrs. Obama appeared to break out into laughter as she raised her arms before departing from the show.

While we can’t necessarily blame Michelle for going out and having a good time, we can’t help but wonder where her husband is during all of this?

Recently, Barack Obama was in the headlines facing another scandal, this time about his sexuality.

So perhaps this is the moment for his wife to let loose and blow off a little steam?

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