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Michelle Obama 2024 Election Bombshell

The 2024 election season is almost upon us and Democrats are scrambling to figure out who they can put up as potential candidates. There’s obviously talk of re-electing Joe Biden however, with concerns surrounding his mental acuity and age, many are wondering who else they can find as a replacement.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently predicted that former First Lady Michelle Obama will replace President Joe Biden in the race for president. This move could potentially unify the party and give them a fighting chance against former President Donald Trump, should he decide to run again.

Could this be what it takes to save their chances of winning back the White House?

In his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” Sen. Cruz predicted that the Democrats would replace President Joe Biden with Michelle Obama in the 2024 election.

He believes this move would be strategically advantageous for them, allowing them to avoid choosing from lesser-known political figures such as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Furthermore, he argues that Barack Obama is already running the Biden administration so it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to transition into a puppet master role if his wife were to become president.

Cruz isn’t alone in speculating about a possible run by Michelle Obama. Joe Rogan has also expressed belief that she could beat former President Donald Trump if she decides to enter into politics again.

In November 2020, when asked directly if Joe Biden should run for a second term, Michelle did not officially endorse him but praised him saying he was doing “a great job” as president thus far.

Of course, all this talk is purely speculation; Michelle Obama has not indicated that she plans to re-enter politics at all, much less consider running for president. Regardless, however, many eyes are on the former First Lady and her next move.

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